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7 Tips: Dress up your window treatments

Bare windows are so passe; at least when it comes to design trends this season. For fall, it’s all about giving your porthole to the world unique, classy treatments.

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1Go velvet

For rooms where you’re hoping to diminish a little light, say a bedroom or bathroom, reach for lush, thick, floor-length curtains that have a textured feel to them, like velvet. Must-do colours for fall include brown, purple and grey.

2Shimmery sheers

Sheer curtains need not be boring or staid. Instead, reach for drapes that have a little colour, pattern or texture to them. Have a little fun mixing and matching colours as well – because they’re sheer, you can layer one or more panel on top of each other to create a look that’s blended and unique.

3Choose colours wisely

If you have a smaller room, you’ll want to avoid dark-coloured curtains (they’ll make your space look even smaller). Instead, reach for lighter coloured options like beige, grey or even white. Another handy tip is to choose a curtain colour that’s similar to your wall colour (the drapes will almost seamlessly blend into the wall).

4Pick panels

Panel curtains are a great way to give any window a unique treatment. That’s largely because you don’t need to pick just one colour to frame your pane. Mix-and-match. If your room is yellow, find panel curtains in a bright yellow and burnt orange colour then rotate them along your curtain rod.

5Add blinds

If you’re looking to shield out the light and aren’t a curtain/drape fan, reach for blinds. Bamboo blinds and shutters are great because they’re minimalist, but also chic and affordable. Stay away from roman blinds (not only do they look inexpensive, they tend to fall apart quickly).

6Do you grommet?

One of the biggest trends in window treatments right now is grommets; not only are they minimalist, they also add a clean, finishing line to drapes. Pleated curtains are more old-fashioned,  but no less trendy (especially if you’re going for a look that’s modern country).

7Be sure to paint

Even if you purchase expensive drapes, your windows will still look cheap and worn if the paint surrounding the panes are chipped or bashed up. So take some time to do some paint touch ups. A little bit of paint will go a long way to making your windows look great.

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