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10-Minute room makeover ideas

Looking for a way to update your space without spending too much time or money on a project? is here to help! Here are 10 easy-to-do makeover tips and tricks.

Living room makeover

1Move things around

Just because a piece of furniture has always been in one spot, does not mean it has to stay there. Rethink the look of your space by moving furniture around. From tables to accessories, anything goes.

2Create a centrepiece

Adding a centrepiece to a table — coffee, dining or end — will add life to your space as well as colour. Reach for fresh flowers or put fresh pieces of fruit into a glass bowl.

3Get rid of knick-knacks

Clutter can make a space feel smaller than it really is, so go through a room you’d like to update and clear it of any junk or knick-knacks that may be lying around. This will make the room feel larger and will keep things looking neat and organized.

4Hudson Bay Co.Add a throw

Blankets are a great way to add a punch of colour to any room, so add a throw, like the classic Hudson Bay Co.‘s version, to a couch, chair or bed. Blankets are also fun to cozy up to in the winter.

5Throw around pillows

Pillows, big or small, can add an eye-catching pop of colour and needed look of texture to couches or beds. Inexpensive options can be found at President’s Choice Home or HomeSense.

6Update your lighting

Changing the mood of a room can be as simple as changing the wattage of a light bulb [brighter bulbs make a room feel more energetic; low-wattage ones add an air of romance].

7Get knobby

One of the easiest ways to freshen any room is to change-up the knobs on cabinets or drawers. Great options can be found at Ikea as well as Canadian Tire and Home Depot.

8Febreze DiffuserBecome scent-sational

Revamping the way your home smells is a surefire way to make it feel fresh and new. Use organic oil diffusers like those from Febreze or opt for candles like those from Bath & Body Works.

9Quick art

Showcase favourite photos or works of art in inexpensive frames from your local craft store. Mix-and-match your artistic finds to create a photo wall. The project takes little time, but is an easy way to create a new focal point for your home.

10Lay down rugs

Add some texture to a hallway or make hardwood floors feel warmer with a brightly coloured rug. Because you can find inexpensive options at Ikea, it’s also economical to switch them up each season.

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