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Getting the perfect bronze glow: How-to keep the bronze glow all year

We all know that sitting out and baking ourselves in the sun or hitting the tanning beds is a no-no and definitely not the healthiest way to achieve the perfect bronze glow. So save yourself from lines, wrinkles, premature aging and other serious health risks like skin cancer and get your skin glowing the healthy way.

Tanned woman

With so many fabulous self-tanning products to choose from for your face and body the hardest part will be narrowing down which ones will work best for you. Since most of you don’t want to be orange guinea pigs and test everything yourself, we found some of the best self-tanning products available.


Clarins Liquid Bronze

For a lightweight self-tanner for your face try Clarins Liquid Bronze, which is great because it is non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog your pores and gentle enough for people with more sensitive skin. It is also fast acting so you won’t be left waiting a few hours to see what colour you turn, perfect for when you need a glow in a hurry.

For a subtle glow Nars Powder Bronzer is perfect for giving your face some quick colour. Bronze blushes are perfect for people who only want a very temporary bronze because at the end of the day you can wash your face, or if you over applicate you can simply wash your face and start over.

Quick TipTo make sure that your face doesn’t out-glow the rest of you, splash a little colour on your shoulders and décolleté to keep a unified glow.


St. Tropez Body Mousse

This St. Tropez Body Mousse is lightweight and dries in 60 seconds so it saves you from having to wait forever to get dressed and get going. This mousse provides a richer tan, so if you are looking for something more subtle do a patch test first. It is also very important to exfoliate before application so that your tan goes on smooth and streak free. For best results we highly recommend you use gloves with this product.

For a quick-dry gel, Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel is a great pick. It goes on clear and leaves you streak-free, the only drawback is that results can take a bit longer to see, so if you are looking for an immediate glow this isn’t for you. But it you want a glow that will last all summer (with a few touch-ups!) or even all year then this is perfect body bronzer for you!

Quick TipIf the smell of self-tanners bother you, try applying them before bed, so that the smell wears off before you need to be up and out.

Guerlain Spray Tan with SPF 10

Spray tan

For a professional look at home, this Guerlain Spray Tan with SPF 10 makeup bronzer is a favourite. The colour goes on smooth although it you have trouble spraying it evenly it can be fixed with a makeup sponge and the bronzer looks flawless all day. The draw back of this makeup spray tan is that it is quite pricey, but if you are willing to pay the price, which is $60 for this ultralight spray, you will have a flawless glow.

Daily lotion

Daily lotion

For a daily lotion that gives you a gradual glow try Dove Energy Glow Daily Moisturizer with Daily Enhancers, which comes in fair to medium for those of you looking for more colour. This lotion is great for evening out your skin tone and that will give you a glow that lasts year-round. It takes about a week for it to fully start working so don’t expect immediate results, but remember to wash your hands so you don’t end up with splotchy hands.

For more tips on how to apply self-tanners flawlessly, checkout these Top ten self-tanning tips. >>

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