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5 Tips to save you money

The Canadian economy is presenting challenges for many, so it’s a great time to learn ways to spend less on a daily basis. SheKnows Canada has some great money saving tips that will help you spend less on everyday items — check ’em out!

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1Be a Seasonal Shopper

In Canada, taking advantage of the different seasons is a great money saving tip to use when shopping. Simply put, you will spend less on a coat for next winter by purchasing it at the end of this snow season. The same money saving tip applies to swimsuits, barbeque and patio accessories, snow shovels, holiday wrap, and much more!

2Multi-Purpose Cleaner

A fabulous money saving tip, when it comes to cleaning the house, is to forego the expensive cleaners and put that container of vinegar in the pantry to good use! Vinegar and water in a spray bottle will do a great job of cleaning everything from windows to bathroom fixtures and you will spend less money! As an added bonus, vinegar is safer than chemical cleaners for your family and the environment.

3Go Generic

More and more Canadians are realising that they can spend less by leaving expensive brand name products on the shelf and bringing home the store brand or generic equivalent. This money saving tip, when applied to groceries and cleaning supplies, can add up to big savings over time. You also can spend less on prescription and over-the-counter drugs by asking for the generic version and, rest assured, Health Canada regulates the industry so that the active ingredients are the same.

4Bulk Up

Canadians with a big freezer or a bit of extra cupboard space can spend less on food, cleaners, paper items, pain relievers, and more by purchasing in bulk. Apply this money saving tip to items with no expiry date, items you use frequently, or items that you use in large quantities.

5Bag It or Bring It

We all know how much Canadians love coffee. However, you can indulge your habit and spend less by avoiding coffee shops and the drive-through. A great money saving idea is to invest in a good coffeemaker and a can of your favorite coffee and make your java at home. Treat yourself to a personalized reusable travel mug and you’re good to go on the road. The same money saving tip applies to lunches for work and school. Bag it and bring it from home to save money and spend less!

Get started using these tips to save money daily, toss the savings into an account, and watch it build — you will spend less and smile more!

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