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How-to create the best picture wall

Picture walls are bold and dramatic and are a great way to add artsy flair to your home. What’s more, creating a picture wall display in your home that’s gaze-worthy can take as little as 30 minutes. Here’s where to start to create your own picture wall.

Woman hanging photos

1Pick a wall

The most important part of creating a picture wall is to find a wall you want to cover in photos. It should be big enough to hold several frames and shouldn’t be blocked by larger objects (like bookcases). It should also be well lit (you’ll want to see the items after you hang them!). Another thing to consider is the colour of the wall you’re hanging everything on; pictures pop off walls that are painted boldly (like deep reds) or plainly (think beige).

2Choose pictures

Now that you know what space you’ll be transforming, it’s time to pick the photos you want to showcase. Balance colour photos with those that are black and white. Use some pics that are matte and others with a semi-gloss finish. And always choose photos that mean something to you; this will add character and bring life to your wall.

3Find frames

When choosing frames, you’ll want to stick to one colour group (black or white). Opt for a variety of sizes and designs. Choose frames that reflect your personality. Use some that are matte and others that are painted semi-gloss. Use some that are ornately designed and others that are streamlined. From there, you can match the frames to photos.

4Lay it all out

The next step is to lay your frames out on the floor so you can get an idea of how they will look on your wall. Balance larger frames by surrounding them with smaller ones. Make sure you have a good variety of colour versus black and white photos. Ensure frames aren’t too close together or too far apart.

5Make your mark

Once you’ve created the perfect mixed-and-matched layout/design, it’s time to replicate the pattern on your wall. Grab a pencil and mark the spots where you’ll hammer in nails. Use a level to make sure your layout, lines and frames will be straight. A stud finder will help you locate secure spots to hang bigger, heavier frames.

6Hang pictures

Now that your wall is marked up and you’ve got some nails and a hammer at the ready, you can start hanging your images.

7Final touches

Once your photos and frames are hung, consider shifting objects around so the wall becomes the room’s focal point. Highlight the new décor with ambient lighting. Turn a couch to face the wall so it’s the first thing people see. Move large eye-catching pieces of furniture to another part of the room so they don’t detract from your art. Lastly, add new frames or update photos every season (that way the look of your wall will never seem staid!).

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