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50 Cheap decorating tips: Part 2

Decorating your home need not be expensive. All you need are some creative and inexpensive decorating suggestions. Not only are the ones below fun to pull together, they’ll also transform the look of any room in no time.

Floor to ceiling curtains

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Add curtains

If you’ve always had blinds covering your windows – or nothing at all – floor-length curtains will add height to your room.


Change your front door

Updating the look of a front door with a different handle or a coat of paint is an easy way to change the appearance of an entryway.


Paint your cupboards

Instead of investing in new cupboards for your kitchen, update the look of them with a fresh coat of paint.


Update your handles

Change the look of your kitchen or bathroom by changing the handles on cupboards.


Change your chandelier

Dangle crystal beads from a chandelier after giving it a fresh coat of paint.



If you aren’t using items in your home, clear the clutter and downsize. Making space will help every room appear larger than it actually is.


Reuse old bookshelves

Bookshelves can be reborn by wallpapering the back of them or painting them with a fresh coat of colour. They can even be used as shelves to store kitchen or hallway items.


Add candles

Give any room a relaxing feel with a few candles.



Add a fresh scent to every room with freshly cut flowers or a batch of natural oils.


Get organized

Pull all of your loose papers together and pin them to a bulletin board. This will make your space feel tidier and will make you feel more organized.


Spray paint

Change the look of dressers and other large pieces of furniture with a fresh coat of paint.


Add throw pillows

Add throw pillows to unlikely places (for example, to dining room chairs) to give any room a cozier feel.


Go vintage

Scour antique markets or stores for old-school bottles. Use them as vases for freshly cut flowers.


Create an earring rack

This can be done easily by draping an old silky scarf along an empty wall. You’ll be able to hook earrings through the material.

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