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50 Cheap decorating tips: Part 1

Colroful plan in living room

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Create your own art

Why buy something when you can frame some of your children’s art? Or, grab some vintage wallpaper and put a frame around it. Not only will your pieces stand out, they’ll also be completely unique.


Buy stools

Instead of dishing out a ton of money on an expensive coffee table, buy two small knee-high stools. Add a few coasters for guests to put their drinks on.


Add texture

Add some warmth to your space with a few texturized items (for example, velvet pillows).


Bring the outside in

Even if you’re not a green thumb, there are still certain plants you can incorporate into your space to make it feel fresh and alive (for example, cacti, spider plants, etc.).


Change the colour of your banister

Brighten your hallway by coating your banister in a fresh colour of paint.


Create a warm entry space

Rearrange and organize your entryway with wicker baskets or a small shelving unit to create a more welcoming space.


Swap lights

Set the mood in any room by swapping brighter bulbs with lower-wattage ones. This will make the room appear more soothing and relaxed.


Go neutral

If you’re used to brightly coloured walls or items, tone things down a bit by refreshing your space with some whites and beiges.


Add a back splash

Nowadays, you can find inexpensive backsplashes at almost any big-box store. It costs little, but has a huge impact on the look of a kitchen.


Remove blinds

Let more light into your space by removing staid blinds. Keep windows clean with a few squirts of window cleaner.


Go big

Instead of buying a lot of smaller items (which can look cheap and cluttery), buy bigger items to fill your space.


Replant plants

If you have lots of greenery, replant your items in new pots (white ones are the most modern).


Update your mailbox

Welcome your mail carrier with a freshly painted or decorated mailbox.

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