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50 Cheap decorating tips: Part 1

Decorating your home need not be expensive. All you need are some creative and inexpensive decorating suggestions. Not only are the ones below fun to pull together, they’ll also transform the look of any room in to no time. Here are 25 cheap ways to decorate your home!

Throw pillows on couch

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Paint a fireplace

If you have a fireplace in one of your rooms, adding a fresh coat of paint (say white or a dark black) will make it a sleek and chic focal point.


Add pillows

The perfect way to add a different punch of colour is by changing up the throw pillows you have on your couch or bed.


Change your lampshades

Replace old lampshades with modernly shaped or brightly coloured ones.


Create a picture wall

Make an eye-catching work of art by covering your wall in some favourite photos.


Colour code a bookshelf

Organise your bookshelf by placing books with similar coloured bindings together.


Throw down

Cover staid-looking furniture with a chic throw.


Buy a rug

Instead of replacing hardwood floors, cover up scuffs and markings with an inexpensive rug.


Repaint your walls

Paint is one of the cheapest ways to make a room look different. Add warmth with colours like red and yellow. Cool things down with whites and blues.


Rearrange furniture

Another simple tip to changing the look of your space is to simply move around your furniture. Put a couch in the centre of a room. Put the coffee table beside it. Come up with creative ideas to give the room a whole new look and feel.


Buy a mirror

Mirrors add space and give depth to small rooms. Find inexpensive ones at your local big-box store.


Paint picture frames

Paint basic-coloured picture frames (white, black, brown) with bright primary colours. This will add a pop of colour to any neutral room.


Add a table runner

For a dining room or kitchen that’s looked the same for years, a table runner will add a splash of colour. Placemats work as well.

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