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Heading to the beach: Top Canadian beaches

Wreck Beach


Wreck Beach, British Columbia

So maybe you want to avoid tan lines this summer or just want to plan a fun beach trip with friends, well why not try somewhere different like the clothing optional Wreck Beach. Wreck Beach is Canada’s first and largest clothing optional beach, with over 7.8 KM’s of coastline. This festive beach has an inviting environment so if you aren’t shy and want to enjoy this in-town Vancouver beach, just make sure to pack your sunscreen for your more sensitive areas because not one wants to leave the beach with a sunburn.


Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Wasaga Beach is about two hours north of Toronto and spreads across 14 KM’s of pristine white sand. The town of Wasaga where the beach is located can be found in the Nottawasaga Bay, and is the largest fresh water beach in the world. Over two million people visit the Town every summer to swim in the warm, clean waters of Nottawasaga Bay as well as to sunbath and play beach volleyball, one of the most popular sports on the beach.


Penticton, British Columbia

Penticton is located between Lake Okanagan and Skaha Lake and is famous for the clean and warm beaches which makes this a perfect vacation spot for all ages. Lake Okanagan is thought to be home to the infamous Ogopogo so if you want to take the family to search for the legendary lake monster then this is the place! Lake Okanagan has pristine clean water where you can enjoy plenty of water-sports or just sunbath on the beach and if that doesn’t strike your fancy try floating down the Okanagan River Channel in an inner-tube, you will never feel more relaxed!


Sandbanks Beach, Ontario

Sandbanks Beach is located in the Sandbanks Provincial Park and is located on Lake Ontario. The beach is known for the ‘flour-soft sand’ which stretches across 7 KM’s of beach. There are a few different beaches located in the Provincial Park but Sandbanks is the most secluded and one of the largest beaches in Ontario. The park is a favourite for those who are looking to participate in outdoor water activities like windsurfing, sailing, canoeing and boating however swimming is the most popular activity.

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Wreck Beach

A nominee for the “Seven Wonders of Canada” in May, 2007. This Vancouver landmark attracts a wide variety of clothing optional Epicureans.

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