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Chilling out in the heat of Canadian summer: 5 Fun ideas!

Summer temperatures are a treat, in that they last only a few months in Canada each year, but even the most enthusiastic sun-worshipping Canadians need relief on the most hot, hazy, humid days. Try these five fun suggestions to keep your cool!

Woman splashing in lake

Make a Splash!

Locate the nearest water park or community pool, forget hair maintenance for a day, and just get wet! Many zoos and amusement parks, such as Canada’s Wonderland, offer splash pads or water-themed rides such as log flumes, lazy rivers, waterslides, and wave pools. Best option – make the trip to a big water park such as Splashdown Park, Wild Water Kingdom, or Calypso Park. Take the kids along, or go with adults and act like kids again!

Make a Date with Ol’ Man River…

…Or Sandy Beach! Canada has an abundance of natural bodies of water, including lakes, rivers, and oceans, so find the nearest one and indulge your personal water style, be it toe-dipping, wading, swimming, bridge diving, or boating! Having trouble thinking of a spot to go? Try the nearest Provincial Park !

Hit the Deck!

What better way to beat the heat of a sweltering day than to park yourself on a patio! Under the shade of an overhead umbrella, let the breeze cool you down while you sip a summery cocktail, and people watch from behind some stylish shades. If something non-alcoholic is more along the lines of what you prefer, order up one of these Top Mocktails as an alternative, or sit and indulge in a cool treat such as ice cream!

Get the Inside Scoop!

If outdoor options aren’t appealing, just call it a day – spent indoors! Movie theatres, museums, aquariums, and art galleries, are all fabulous options for spending an enjoyable day while chilling in the a/c! Another great way to wile away the time? Visit one of Canada’s huge shopping malls; West Edmonton Mall in Alberta , and Vaughan Mills Outlet Mall in Ontario are just two shopping centres that have so much going on they are considered to be destinations in and of themselves!

Stay Cool, Stay Home

If leaving home isn’t an option, or just isn’t tempting, SheKnows Canada is here to tell you that it’s cool to just stay home! Dress in minimal clothing or light, summery fabrics, dig out a fun, big-brimmed hat, and set up in a shady spot. Invite a friend over to dine al fresco on salad and sangria. Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated, and if the heat becomes too overwhelming, engage a friend or family member in a water gun fight (really!), run through the sprinkler like you did as a child, or indulge in a cool shower – perhaps with your lover – now that’s good clean fun!

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