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30 Things Canadians should know about Canada

15. Sir John A. Macdonald
The country’s very first prime minister and one of the founding fathers of the Confederation
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Stephen Harper14. Stephen Harper
Canada’s current Prime Minister (we hope you knew this one!)
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13. Bilingualism
Canada has two official languages: English and French.

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12. Insulin
Before the discovery of insulin, diabetes was an untreatable disease. Frederick G. Banting changed all of that with this discovery, for which he later won a Nobel Prize.
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11. Maple Syrup
The world’s largest supply of the ooey-gooey goodness is produced in Québec. It was first collected and used by Native Americans and First Nations people and was later adopted by European settlers.
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10. Canadarm
A Canadian invention that changed the face of space exploration
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Naismith9. Dr. James Naismith
The Canadian man behind the creation of one of America’s most played sports: basketball
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8. Alexander Graham Bell
Without him, the phone may never have been invented.
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7. Vimy Ridge
A battle fought during the First World War that solidified Canada’s strength as a battle-ready and freedom-fighting nation
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6. Dieppe
A World War II battle, fought predominantly by Canadians, that turned the tide of the war in favour of Allied soldiers
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5. David Suzuki
Canada’s Al Gore (to the nth degree)
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Trans Canada Highway4. Trans-Canada Highway
This massive highway joins the country from east coast to west. Drive it.
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3. Canada Goose
A national symbol of Canada that’s actually a wild goose, dubbed “Canadian” because of its preference for living in northern climates
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2. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (aka: Mounties)
The national police force of Canada (decked out in really cool outfits)
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1. Québec
Canada’s second most populous province, Québec is home to a predominantly French-speaking and separatist population. In 2006, it was given “nation within a nation” status.
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Read the entire list at the Dominion Institute’s 101 Things Canadians Should Know About Canada.


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