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Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a single

Facing Valentine’s Day as a single person can be a daunting prospect. It’s tempting to go deep under cover or wallow in misery all day. But if sticking your tongue out at the world isn’t an option, or just isn’t your style, SheKnows Canada is here to help you own a solo Valentine’s Day and make it into your own personal celebration. After all, love isn’t just about romance…there is love of self, life and friends! Here are some fabulous ways to make the day extra-special.

Girlfriends having wine together

Exchange gifts with friends

Arrange ahead of time to exchange token gifts with another single friend or friends. See who can find the cutest stuffed animal, the most decadent chocolates or simply send exquisite flowers to one another at work!

Plan dinner with a pal

If you’ve got a single girlfriend or boyfriend that’s game, go ahead and book dinner at a fab restaurant and treat yourselves to a special night out. It will give you something to look forward to all day, and the fine wine and excellent food (and company) is certain to make you feel pampered!

Make it ladies’ night

Get a gaggle of single gals and/or guys together and take in a movie, have drinks or head out to a nightclub for a seriously fun night of dancing. Many other single Valentines will have the same idea!

Host a party for singles at your place

You’ll be so busy planning and preparing that you won’t have a moment to spare worrying about not being half of a couple! If you have been invited to a Valentine’s party, treat yourself to a new outfit and attend!

Get busy on the computer

Sending out Valentine’s Day ecards, and exchanging Facebook Valentine’s greetings and gifts with friends online will allow you to enjoy the spirit of the day. The good vibes you’re sending out, and no doubt getting in return, will make the day feel extra special!

Treat yourself

Send yourself flowers at home, indulge in your favorite takeout and rent any movie you desire. Or pamper yourself by booking an appointment for that new hairstyle or makeover you’ve been thinking about. Make time for a pedicure and manicure. Love yourself!

Focus on a project

Paint that room or follow through on another project you’ve been putting off! Crank up the tunes while you work and time will pass quickly. Afterward you’ll be too tired to worry about what day it is!

Spend time with your kiddos

If you’ve got kids, make it a special day with them! Have a Valentine’s Day breakfast or brunch, give them Valentine’s treats, go on a fun outing like bowling or a hike, and then snuggle in with them for popcorn and a movie before bed!

Perpetrate a random act of kindness

Spend the day volunteering, or surprise an elderly neighbor or relative with a visit and a gift. It’s guaranteed you’ll feel very good and quite fulfilled!

Give an anonymous gift

Send an anonymous gift to someone you admire. You know it will make them happy and it will also keep you smiling and feeling good throughout the day. Whether you fess up after the fact is entirely up to you!

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