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Romantic ways to surprise your lover

Sentimental, imaginative, expressive…these are not only words that define ‘romantic’, but which are essential in creating a Valentine’s Day gesture that will strike a chord with your loved one. If you’re scrambling for an appropriate and unique way to surprise your significant other, look no further than SheKnows Canada’s perfect suggestions for creating personal and meaningful romance!

Woman cooking for Valentine's Day

Express yourself

When writing a love letter be honest and let the words flow from the heart. Forgo the computer and use a pen, paper and even a scented envelope. Be sure to leave the letter in the mailbox the old fashioned way as well. If writing an entire letter just isn’t going to happen, try writing short love notes and hiding them in your lover’s pockets, lunch and/or car. Just be sure they’re relatively easy to find.

Go out for takeout

or pick-up some of your partner’s favorite snacks and treats, rent one of your favorite ‘couple’ movies and spend a perfect night in.

Kiss the cook

Prepare your love a flawless home-cooked meal as a special gesture. A nice ‘extra’ is to burn a CD that includes some of their favorite music for slow-dancing afterward. You, of course, are dessert!

Romance on the road

Plan a romantic picnic, a trip to the drive-in (and make-out like teens) or skip the flick and just go ‘parking’! Gear your special outing to your lover’s preferences to really make an impression.

Voicemail Valentine

Leave an unexpected phone message telling your sweetheart about the moment you fell in love with them or what you love about them…or a sexy message describing what you’d like to do with them later…

Honey, you’re home

Arrange for your love to come home to a trail of flower petals (or discarded clothing) leading to the hot bath you’ve drawn for two. Set the mood with candles and scents. Follow up with a massage using sensuous oils for an incredible Valentine’s Day surprise they’ll truly appreciate — and won’t soon forget!

You know their heart

Give your partner a truly meaningful gift such as a ticket to go visit a sibling or dear friend who lives out of town; show your love that you care about what matters to them. Other ideas include having a very special photo matted and framed to hang on the wall, or taking a picture of their beloved pet, having it made into a drawing or painting and presenting it as a gift!

You can take me home

Spend an evening out together dressed to the nines, having dinner, drinks and going dancing. Be outrageously flirtatious and let the desire build between you as the night goes on. Once it’s time to give in and go home, make the romantic culmination of your evening perfect with sexy lingerie, mood music and dim lighting.

Give of yourself, and touch your lover’s heart, and you will have succeeded in making their Valentine’s Day unforgettably romantic.

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