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8 Great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for guys

It can be a mind-boggling task to settle on a Valentine’s Day gift for a guy – you must take into consideration how long you’ve been together, how sentimental he is, what will please him and what might cause him to stop accepting your calls! SheKnows Canada thinks the best way to give a gift that will make your guy giddy is to zero in on what he likes; he’ll love you for having paid attention and for not forcing him to pretend to be thrilled about a stuffed teddy bear or flowers. Check out our 8 awesome ideas!

Couple exchanging gift

The musician or music lover


Off to the show

Buy two tickets and take him to a concert he’ll love. If he’s a musician, take him to a jam night or to a recital. If the show is at a later date, buy your baby tickets as a gift, but don’t just hand them over. Invite him to your place, put the band’s CD on the stereo, get him up dancing and then present him with a card containing the tickets — it’s all in the presentation!

Techno time

If concert tickets aren’t the right choice for your music lover, he’s sure to go gaga over a new MP3 Player loaded with songs from his favorite artists. Think of it as the up-to-the-minute version of the mixed tape!

The jock or sports lover


Are you game?

Just as the music lover will enjoy a concert, the sports lover will go nuts for a chance to see his favorite team in action. If he’s car crazy, look for races or monster truck shows in your area. Whether you join in the fun, or send him with a pal, this will be a gift he’ll genuinely appreciate. Dress up in a team jersey and ball cap and present the tickets with a big smooch — he’ll think he’s in heaven!

The collector

No game tickets available? Get on Ebay or his team’s official website and rustle up some collectibles, game gear and team merchandise. Do it all up in a gift basket — it’s guaranteed to be a home run!

The environmentally-friendly guy


Go green

Indulge your earth-lover with gifts that will let him know you respect and care about the issues close to his heart. Fair trade coffee, natural bath products, organic beer or wine, and bamboo t-shirts are just a few ideas that will go over big with this fella!

The artsy guy


Art man

Spoil a man who loves the arts by arranging a trip to his favorite art gallery or by taking him to see a new production at the theatre. If he’s an artist himself, an incredible gift would be a basket of new art supplies, such as brushes and paints, along with canvases or a sketchpad. Leave him a romantic note in the basket or on the first page of the sketchpad.

The executive type


Fine, fine

This man is easy to please as long as you’re indulging him in the finer things in life. He’ll truly appreciate you taking the time to choose a bottle of fine wine or a selection of exquisite chocolates. Take him out for a gourmet dinner at an excellent restaurant, or present him with a leather-bound day planner — be sure to pencil yourself in!

The regular guy


Just Joe

Some suggestions to make the ordinary guy extraordinarily happy include a DVD box set of his favorite TV show, books from his favorite author or genre, or a subscription to a magazine that’s up his alley, such as golf, cars or travel. You might also present him with a homemade book of vouchers for foot rubs, shoulder massages and help taking out the garbage — it’s the little things!

**Remember! The key to giving a guy the perfect gift is choosing something that shows him you know him, and love him, just as he is!

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