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How to dress for your body shape

Rounded shape

Typically women with rounded shapes have waists that are wider than their hips and chests. These are often accompanied by voluptuous breasts and shapely legs. So achieving the womanly figure you’re going for is all about creating a more defined waist, which can be done easily enough with the right pieces!


  • Wear tailored jackets and coats that nip in at the waist.
  • Go for A-line skirts, as they make hips look curvier, which can create the illusion of a narrower waist.
  • Although thin belts can draw unflattering attention to your midsection, thick belts are great for cinching it in and giving the appearance of a tinier waist.
  • Visit a few lingerie shops and get fitted for a good corset. A corset can shave inches off your waist. Just make sure to pick one you find comfortable and attractive so you can feel good about slipping it on under your clothes.
  • Wraparound tops that aren’t too clingy can do a beautiful job of breaking up your torso, thereby giving more of an hourglass shape.
  • Empire waist tops are also a good option, as they cinch in under the chest and fall straight down, drawing attention toward your chest and away from your waist.


  • Avoid wide-leg jeans, as the flare can make you look thicker in the legs and therefore appear top and bottom heavy. Instead, choose jeans that are straight or boot-cut to give your legs a longer, leaner appearance. It’s also a good idea to opt for a dark wash, as the deeper hue adds a slimming effect.
  • To avoid the dreaded “muffin top,” wear mid-rise or even high-rise jeans to give the illusion of a slimmer silhouette.
  • Avoid tops that are too short or clingy, as they can ride up. Instead, look for shirts that are flowy or are long in the torso.
  • Shirts with polo necks aren’t the best choice, as they can make you look top heavy. V-necks are a much better option.

Hourglass shape

Hourglass figures are probably the most coveted of the bunch. The shape features a full chest, small waist and rounded hips. But as with all body types, the wrong clothes can detract from your lovely shape.


  • Opt for sweetheart necklines, as they flatter your bust.
  • Wear cropped jackets that nip in at the waist and emphasize your already small midsection.
  • Go for pencil skirts, as they will emphasize your narrow waist and curvaceous hips. Tuck in your shirt to really let your shape shine.
  • You are fortunate to be able to wear a variety of pant styles. The straight look of boot-cut jeans is great for a night out, while wide-legged trousers are great for work.


  • Avoid clothing that is overly tight, as this could pull in awkward ways and make your curves look unnatural or oversized. Instead, go for pieces that are ruched, as this will emphasize and even out your sexy curves without making them seem over the top.
  • Don’t be tempted to hide your curves under baggy clothes. You have the figure, so flaunt it!

Image credit: SheKnows

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