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DIY: Grooming your dog

From small and fluffy lap dogs to large, muscly brutes, man’s best friend comes in all shapes and sizes – and they all need to be groomed! Below are easy and simple ways to keep your best friend looking and feeling great!

Brushing dog

Brushing your dog’s coat helps to stimulate and distribute natural protective oils, which keeps your furry friend’s skin clean and healthy. Many dogs also need their coats regularly trimmed to avoid matting.

Your pooch’s haircut can be almost as pricey as your own style cut these days, so taking your dog to a professional groomer every other month isn’t always achievable or possible. That’s why we’ve rounded up a few easy tricks of the trade, to ensure your pet is looking and feeling at the top of their game.

Brush often

Dogs with smooth coats don’t need a lot of grooming, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. They should still be brushed once a week as this helps to remove dead skin cells and shed any extra hair.

Get a soft brush

Use a brush with soft bristles and introduce a daily or weekly brushing routine of 5-10 minutes. Brush your dog at the same time each day or week so it becomes part of their routine, and easier for you to maintain.

Comb through matted hair

When brushing a dog with long hair, use a wide-toothed comb to untangle matted hairs. Dogs with a very long coat will often need to be brushed daily or every other day.

Start at the ends

Just like humans, dogs with long hair need gentle brushing often to keep their hair tangle-free. If your dog has long hair, start brushing at the ends of the hair and work up towards the skin.

Put down the scissors

Avoid cutting out matted knots if possible, and instead, insert the end tooth of your dog  comb into the mat and try working it loose. If that doesn’t work, cut the mat out as close to the knot as possible.Six

Wash them properly

When bathing your dog, use a mild dog shampoo. Start by washing your dog’s body and legs and clean their head last, by covering their eyes with your hand while you push their head down.

Don’t use human shampoo

Never use products intended for humans on your pet, as your dog’s skin is much more sensitive than yours, so it can irritate and dry their skin.

Clip very carefully

Your dog’s nails will need regular clipping — precisely how often, though, will depend on how much exercise they get and how frequently their nails are worn down on concrete paths, etc. On average, you should aim to clip their nails every month or two.

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