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How to make your own upcycled firewood carrier

Sew up a simple DIY firewood carrier using upcycled materials. I used a thrifted trench coat with some cool leather details already included, but you can make yours with a piece of canvas, leather, sturdy shopping bag or any heavy duty material you have on hand. Even a small throw rug would work! Basic sewing skills are all you need to whip this winter project together. Then grab a cup-o-something hot and enjoy this perfectly chilly holiday weather!

You are only going to need two things to make this carrier. Materials needed:

  • About a half yard of sturdy fabric will make two (each is 14” x 35” to be exact). You can cut this out of your trench coat or whatever material you choose.
  • 2 ½ yards of 1 1/2 “ wide webbing

Firewood carrier

My carrier is 13” x 34” and sized to fit an iron firewood holder that the hubs just bought. This size seems to be perfect even without the iron holder so I would go with it. Cut it into a 14” x 35” rectangle to allow for seam allowance. Now at this point you can just go with a simple rectangle and skip these next few details.

I liked the little leather and brass button detail so I sewed down the pleat to hold it all together. DIY firewood carrier

Since I also wanted to use the rugged leather, zipper and button details, I oriented my material in order to show them off. For me it’s all about the details. I was so in love with this embossed leather square and zip pocket so I turned it into a lighter holder. I know it’s just a firewood carrier but hey, it’s the little things right?DIY firewood carrier

Speaking of which, I always save the buttons- these antique cigar tins make for the perfect button storage. Never know when you’re gonna need a beautiful brass button.DIY Firewood carrier

I added my brand tags to create a designer detail, then top stitched that salvaged square on to one side of the carrier.

DIY Firewood carrier

Next, I cut extra strips of fabric to reenforce the ends, forming a little pocket for a wood dowel insert. But again, another unnecessary design detail. DIY Firewood carrier DIY Firewood carrier

Now here’s where we add our handles. Pin your webbing into a big circle, starting at one end and overlapping when you complete the circle. DIY Firewood carrier

Top stitch along the edges of each side, leaving the handles open for grabbing. To reinforce tops, where most of the weight will be distributed, stitch an “x” and a square, without breaking the thread. Just put your needle down and pivot the material to work your way through the corners of the square. This creates a super-strong finish that my old rock climbing partner used to call “bomb-proof”. I’ve used this reinforcement stitch on my kid’s rock climbing harnesses. So believe me- this is a finish you can trust to hold forever and all eternity.

How perfect is the little pocket for holding the lighter? I knew it would come in handy for something and BAM, there it is! And with that your firewood carrier is done! Easy peezy right?

And it fits neatly into our new iron carrier that now sits cozily by our fire.

Just head outside whenever you need a load or wood and you’re good for the night.

Here’s the back view showing that rugged little brass button and leather detail that has absolutely no use whatsoever. Except that it just look really amazing. Which I love.

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