13 Of the most a-hole Secret Santa gifts that ever happened

Dec 15, 2014 at 4:30 p.m. ET

Think you've gotten some terrible Secret Santa presents? We're betting that these beauties are a thousand times worse.

1. The box of bacon

secret santa bacon

Image: daily4 via Imgur

Sure, some people love bacon more than life itself, but not everyone feels that way.

2. The wacky Wookie

secret santa wookie

Image: @thefuturegarage via Imgur

We're not really sure who is supposed to like this gift — a Star Wars fan? A fan of red cars? Perhaps triangles? Either way, this one struck out on all counts.

3. The way too personal hand sanitizer

secret santa

Image: SameGr8Cate via Imgur

Anything with the word "genitals" in it is bound to be a terrible Secret Santa gift.

4. The Grumpy Cat mug

secret santa grumpy cat

Image: Imgur

Not everyone wants to drink their morning cup of joe out the face of the grumpiest cat on the planet.

5. The serial killer note

secret santa serial killer

Image: @lazyguyoncouch via Imgur

Whether this note leads the receiver to a great gift or not, the way that it is written is bound to haunt their nightmares forever.

6. The scariest animal in the world

secret santa ugly

Image: @imbetsycracker via Imgur

We have no idea what this is and we don't care what it is. The point is that it is too frightening to give to anyone, especially as a Secret Santa present.

7. The dolls


Whoever gave this present probably thought they were being very amusing and clever. The receiver did not agree.

8. The not-so-nice mug

secret santa mug

Image: @jackberriman11 via Instagram

Giving a gift like this to a guy is just plain mean.

9. The roll of money toilet paper

secret santa toilet paper

Image:  @gretchenque via Imgur

A general rule of thumb for Secret Santa gift giving: no gifts that are meant to be used on or in the toilet.

10. The ugly ducks

secret santa ugly ducks

Image: @stephenmontero via Imgur

There may be a story about an ugly ducking turning into a beautiful swan, but these are just plain ugly.

11. The terrible veggie platter

secret santa veggies

Image: Notcarl via Imgur

Seriously? Whoever thought this was an appropriate Secret Santa gift needs to rethink their life choices.

12. The ugly wig

secret santa wig

Image: @agent_ass via Imgur

This hat/wig combo is so awful it's hard to believe someone paid money for it.

13. The wrong fit

secret santa wii

Image: @OMGlevel40igotamount via Imgur

Generally, this would be a really nice present to give someone but when your Secret Santa is this unaware of who you are, it's not nice at all.

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