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11 Desperate feelings of every holiday shopper in GIFs

Holiday shopping is sometimes fun, but it’s also a complete train wreck of emotions.

Our best guess? You’ll have all 11 of these reactions within a time frame of 30 minutes. It just isn’t the holiday season without at least one existential crisis.

1. Hatred of long lines

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Spending money is one thing, but this is spent time that I will never get back. Never.

2. Timing deals with payday


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Hope there’s some good stuff left when I’m paid on Dec. 23! In the meantime, my anxiety level is building to the breaking point.

3. Frustration with untrained seasonal workers

head hit

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Why are you even here? Do you know anything? For real, do you even know what store we’re in?

4. Resorting to sneaky moves…

speed up

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… like the casual speed-up. “Don’t mind me, I’m just going to pick up speed to edge you out of the next spot in line, while casually avoiding eye contact… perfect. I win.”

5. Christmas music annoyance

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Was it really just last week that we were rocking it out to these holiday tunes? They are everywhere and we can’t take it anymore!

6. Lack of faith in fellow shoppers

shopping cart

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Who gave carts to these idiots? For the love, pull over to the side of the aisle! Your cart privileges should be revoked by management.

7. A moment of deep thought

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Why are we doing this thing? Why aren’t grown-ass people buying their own terrible gifts? How is Baby Jesus involved in this mayhem?

8. The pain of slow internet


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Apparently the whole internet wants this crappy purse for their mothers-in-law, too. Back off, internet. I need to cross her off my list.

9. The security leap of faith

leap of faith

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Holy moly, this is a great deal on that straightening iron my sister so desperately wants. Too bad the shop hails out of Romania and it’s asking for my mother’s maiden name. Better log-in with PayPal!

10. Immediate buyer’s remorse


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Ramen noodles for the next eight Christmas dinners, it is.

11. The 11th hour give-up

give up

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Hope the hubby is OK with another leopard print Snuggie this year, because we’re done here.

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