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FAIL Of The Week: Holiday shopping blunders that are truly priceless

When the temps start to plummet, so do prices, and we all know what that means — holiday shopping fever. And in addition to great deals, these overeager shoppers scored hilarious stories (that we’re sure they’ll find as funny as we do in time).

Shop ’til you drop

Hey, not everyone can hang with the holiday shopping crowd. Then again, maybe she just needs a little power nap to recharge her batteries after saving so much money in the home goods section.

At least one of you will sleep well tonight

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of deals have shoppers waiting in line at Walmart all night, well, this isn’t one of them, unless crazy holiday specials have their own standards of measurement. You know, like daylight savings time, but in this case, daylight savings sizes — you move back a size. So king actually equals queen, queen equals full and a full memory-foam mattress topper equals a glorified twin yoga mat.

Walk softly and carry a walking stick
Either the woman behind this shopper has super-human strength (a mere brush of her arm can catapult a grown man to his knees.), or he was looking for a few minutes of fame for falling on camera. Still, kudos to FOX News for having no earthly idea what was transpiring behind them.

Super-savings alert!

How can you argue with that logic? I mean, who in their right mind would pay full price for a barbecue chicken when they could wait in line and brave angry mobs to save 12 cents?! Not this gal, that’s for sure.

A penny for your thoughts?

Hold the phone, people. Clearly, everyone will be having a very merry Christmas this year — just think of all the goodies that can be bought with these incredible savings! After all, they do say a penny saved is a penny earned.

Wait a minute…

Why stand in a long, cold holiday shopping line to save only a penny on fizzy bath salts when you can shop Christmas deals online from the comfort of home and — be still my beating heart! — pay full price?

And then this happened

Only during holiday shopping madness can you save not $10, not $20, not $50 but… oh, wait. You don’t save on SanDisk during this one-night-only promotion — you get the sheer privilege of paying nearly three dollars more!

There’s madness afoot

Matching, smatching. Have you ever considered that maybe your feet don’t like dressing alike all the time? Maybe they have different personalities. Just ask any twin, and he or she will tell you ’tis so.

This is not what you might call strategic

I’m not sure what’s more impressive, that this shopper scored Matilda and Mrs. Doubtfire (we smell a Mara Wilson fan), or that he or she braved completely uncouth holiday crowds to come home with a random smorgasbord of jewelry cleaner, cake pop supplies, a toothbrush, sunglasses and old movies.

You could always wear it on Wacky Wednesday

While this shopper sees the material being reversed as a negative, let’s look at the silver lining. If this becomes a cool thing, you’ll never have to worry about those days when you have nothing clean to wear. Just turn it inside out and voilà!

Not the best day to try out new heels
Unfortunately for this super-perky reporter, slick floors, new heels and a boatload of holiday spirit are the equivalent of mall kryptonite.


Well, aren’t these marketing flyers cheeky little fellows? This is either the best marketing strategy we’ve ever seen, or someone is just a big fat holiday shopping Grinch.

Grandma isn’t the only one who got run over

It looks like Dancer pranced on Donner’s sweet face. Either that or he’s not a reindeer at all and those “horns” are the defensive little fondant hands of a gingerbread boxer.

Wait for it, wait for it
Better brace ourselves for the inevitable rush of shoppers stampeding in to score discounts on stocking stuffers! Stand back… we don’t want to get… trampled. We’re not getting trampled, are we? Jeez, where’s the holiday spirit, guys?

Two thumbs up for this deal?

Perhaps if you paid the 10 percent you saved via that stellar holiday deal, it would have covered the extra material it took to bump your glove up to the next size. If you have one thumb that is comically larger than the other, of course, then this purchase really was the deal of a lifetime for you.

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