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14 Cool gifts for your plaid-wearing, espresso-sipping hipster friends

Don’t you love how your Hipster friends make everything they like look really cool? Don’t let their unique sense of style stress you out while shopping for them this holiday season. We’ve got 14 terrific Hipster gifts that your hip friends will love.

1. Unisex bracelet

Hipster Wristband

It’s hip to be a bracelet on a Hipster’s wrist. This handmade leather cuff wristband is made for men and women, easily adjustable and available in a variety of colors. (Amazon, $7)

2. Shoulder tote bag

Hipster Shoulder Bag

Unique shoulder bags are a Hipster essential, especially when they are from a Green America approved business. This beautiful shoulder bag is creatively upcycled from Guatemalan blouses, and features two zipper pockets and a lengthy leather strap. (Altiplano, $60)

3. A Film About Coffee

A Film About Coffee

Hipsters and specialty coffee are synonymous. The Hipster on your gift list will dig Brandon Loper’s documentary A Film About Coffee, which takes a deep dive into the coffee industry to examine what it means for a coffee to be distinguished as “specialty.” It follows coffee production from Honduras and Rwanda to its global consumption, meeting farmers, buyers, roasters and baristas along the way. (Vimeo, $13)

4. Alternative Apparel Eco Fleece Scarf

Hipster Scarf

Hipsters love scarves and this eco-friendly unisex scarf lets you customize it for your favorite hip friend. Available in four colors, this scarf reaches 72 inches and features raw edging. (Customized Girl, $25)

5. Biodynamic Wine Demystified

Biodynamic Wine Demystified

Delight the wine-loving Hipster in your life with Nicholas Joly’s insightful book Biodynamic Wine Demystified. Joly shares the core philosophy on this special type of viticulture that gives wines regional distinction and an intimate, delicious connection with the environment. (Amazon, $19)

6. 2013 Foucher-Lebrun “Petit le Mont” Sauvignon Blanc

Hipster Wine

Hipsters love environmentally-friendly wines. This organic Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire is an inexpensive yet impressive-on-the-palate vino that is fermented and aged in stainless steel. Featuring a copper hue, medium body, fruity flavor and vibrant finish, this wine will surely become your Hipster’s favorite (if it hasn’t already!). (K&L Wines, $12)

7. Mitscoots

Hipster Socks

What better gift to give a Hipster or anyone on your gift list than a gift that has something to give. Mitscoots are bright, bold, and comfy American-made socks with a big mission. For every pair of socks sold, the company gives an equal quality pair of socks to someone in need on the streets. They are even durably designed for those who need to wear the same pair of socks for days on end. (Mitscoots, starting at $10)

8. Hood To Go

Hipster Hoodie

Since lugging an umbrella around isn’t a fun or hip thing to do, your Hipster friends will love a water-resistant hoodie (made in Portland) that slips under their favorite outdoor outfit. Whether they are heading to Austin City Limits or South by Southwest or some other under-the-sky festival, the Hood To Go will easily fit under any coat, jacket or shirt. (Hood To Go, $25)

9. Hair Warrior

Hipster Hair Care

Hipsters refuse to get $50 blowouts but they still care about their hair. Hair Warrior is an all-natural hair-care solution that you put on before a hot yoga class (or before tying your hair up in a top knot on a hot day) that protects your hair. This new hair product is made of quinoa, bamboo, argan oil and essential oils. As a bonus, it is vegan and gluten-free. (Hair Warrior, $24)

10. Go Primal Scrub Rub Sugar Scrub

Hipster Body Scrub

Get your favorite Hipster a product that will make her smoother than “smooth.” This luxurious, organic body scrub is made from sugar and Dead Sea salt. It is a fabulous exfoliator and moisturizer with hints of vanilla and peppermint, making it the perfect holiday gift. (Primal Pit Paste, $19)

11. Polaroid Instant Camera

Hipster Camera Gift

Your Hipster pal is rarely seen without an instant camera. Show her how much you care by upgrading her current cam with the Polaroid PIC-300. Getting your hip friend one in purple will surely make her holiday complete. (Amazon, $100)

12. Warby Parker Curtis Sunglasses

Hipster Sunglasses

A pair of Warby Parker Curtis Sunglasses is the coolest of cool fashion accessory. Not only are they mysterious and moody, these Hipster sunglasses are newly reissued in four limited-edition colors to celebrate Warby Parker’s collaboration with music and art label Ghostly International. (Warby Parker, $95)

13. Goorin Everyday Ms. Crawford Fedora

Hipster Fedora

Every Hipster needs a hat that gets attention. Polished and packed with personality, the Goorin Ms. Crawford wool wide-brimmed hat is the ultimate Hipster fedora. (Goorin, $50)

14. Miller High Life Beanie

Hipster Beanie Cap

For the hip friend that thinks Miller is the “Champagne of beers,” this Hipster hat is the perfect cold weather gift. (Urban Outfitters, $29)

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