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100 Awesome gifts under $100

Sexy gifts for your someone special

81. Xmas Undies for Two

undies for two

Surprise your sweetie with these fun undies for couples. Mistletoe optional. (Simply Delicious Lingerie, $8)

82. Kamasheetra


Give your honey this sexy Twister-style Kama Sutra game to show him or her you’re ready to get frisky tonight (even if it means a laugh or two here and there). (Kamasheetra, $32)

83. Sexy Truth or Dare Pick-a-Stick

sexy truth or dare

Heat things up during this chilly season with these seriously seductive prompts to get your sweetie in an amorous mood. Unless you’re swingers, this sexy game of Truth or Dare is a two-player game only. (Amazon, $10)

84. Emotion Lotion massage oil

emotion lotion

A night to remember starts with more than your average massage. Emotion Lotion lets you give a relaxing massage that transitions smoothly into more thanks to its flavorful nature. (Amazon, $12)

85. The Burlesque Handbook

the burlesque handbook cover

If you’re a gal looking to spice things up in the bedroom, there’s no need to pop the cash for a stripper pole. Burlesque is less tawdry and more tart. Jo Weldon’s The Burlesque Handbook will teach you to shimmy your way to the steamiest gift you’ve ever given. (Amazon, $13)

86. Chocolate body paint

chocolate body paint

It’s edible, it’s chocolate flavored, it comes with a brush. If I need to paint you a picture, I will, but I’m guessing if you get your lover this raspberry-chocolate body paint, he’ll take care of that for me. (Undercover Condoms, $9)

87. Intro-to-bondage sash

bondage sash

Your man may be a bit confused when he opens his gift to find an extra-long silky sash. Just toss your old copy of Fifty Shades of Grey with key pages bookmarked underneath it, and maybe he’ll get the hint. (Adam & Eve, $15)

88. The Multi-Orgasmic Couple

book cover: the multi-orgasmic couple

If your beloved is turned off by the thought of seemingly exotic things like tantric sex or the Kama Sutra, maybe you should start off slowly with a more Western version, like The Multi-Orgasmic Couple. (Amazon, $14)

89. Lickable foreplay massage game

foreplay massage oil and dice game

It’s a game of chance using dice… and cotton candy-flavored massage oil… and your naked bodies. We’re not responsible for what happens after you play this sweet and sexy foreplay game. (Lingerie Diva, $11)

90. Clone a Willy Make Your Own Dildo kit

clone a willy diy dildo kit

The point of this kit is less about having an exact replica of your significant other’s Johnson and more about the hilarity and bonding that ensue while you attempt to make it happen. But at the end of the day, you should have your very own custom dildo. (Amazon, $53)

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