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100 Awesome gifts under $100

Gifts for the new parent

71. Boobie Balls — no-bake lactation treats

prepared boobie balls natural lactation aids

These natural lactation aids will help Mama produce more milk and provide a healthy way for her to satisfy her sweet tooth without sabotaging her mission to banish baby fat. (Etsy, $10) 

72. Peekaru fleece baby carrier

peekaru fleece baby carrier

If your friend is a busy parent on the go, she’ll love this fleece baby-wearing solution to keeping Baby nice and toasty while they’re out running errands. (Amazon, $55)

73. Chill Baby funny pacifiers

lips pacifier

It doesn’t count as a gift for Baby if it makes Mom and Dad laugh. These funny baby pacifiers from Chill Baby come in a pair of giant juicy red lips, a mustache and a Facebook-style “like” button (that can conveniently be turned upside down when the kiddo’s not in the best of moods. (Amazon, $10)

74. Go the F**k to Sleep

go the eff to sleep

At first glance, this looks like your average children’s book, but it’s actually a funny, honest portrayal of what parents really feel during that seemingly endless nighty-night ritual. Go the F**k to Sleep is perfect for parents in the throes of this exhausting stage in their child’s life. (Amazon, $12)

75. Couple’s massage

couples massage

Photo credit: FoundryParkInn via Flickr

Many parents are totally stressed out and in need of some Mommy and Daddy alone time. You can get a couple’s massage in most areas for $100 or less (I even checked in LA). Of course, this only helps if you offer a free babysitting session. (spa near you, $100 or less)

76. Porta Chair

portachair baby highchair harness

Busy parents will love the Porta Chair harness. They can use it at restaurants, while visiting family and friends or anywhere away from home. Better yet, it’s machine washable. (UncommonGoods, $50)

77. Baby journal

personalized baby journal

Whether your friend is a new parent or just tells you so many things you think her kids would just love to hear in their mom or dad’s words someday, it’s never too early or too late to start writing letters to your kids. This personalized journal lets parents write letters to their little ones to be read when they’re older. (UncommonGoods, $40)

78. A good refurbished camera

canon powershot

Parents love taking pics of their newborn, but who can afford the kind of camera you need for those precious memories? The Canon PowerShot is one of the best inexpensive (and lightest weight) cameras on the market. And if you get it refurbished (from Canon, of course), it’s less than a C-note. (Canon, $99)

79. Stylish unisex diaper bag

unisex diaper bag

Diaper bags are a must, but just because you have your little one with you doesn’t mean you have to carry some plastic ducky-emblazoned monstrosity. This unisex diaper bag even ensures both Mom and Dad can head out with Baby quickly without pulling the old diaper bag switcheroo. (Amazon, $65) 

80. Mommy & Daddy sippy cups

mommy and daddy sippy cups

These may seem like gag gifts, but couple them with one night of babysitting per month for the next year, and they take on a whole new meaning: Rent a movie, pour a drink, cozy up on the couch and pass out before you get to drink No. 2. Sounds like heaven.

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