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100 Awesome gifts under $100

Gifts for the cinephile

61. Defusable bomb alarm clock

defusable bomb alarm clock

If your pal is a fan of blow-’em-up action films, she simply has to have this defusable alarm clock. You can buy it preassembled, but there’s also a kit to make one if your friend is a DIYer. (nootropic design, $33-$46)

62. Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition)

guardians of the galaxy soundtrack cover

The Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition) is full of catchy, eclectic tracks from nearly forgotten artists and Tyler Bates’ brilliant original score. It’s also available on vinyl for true collectors. (Walmart, $15)

63. Disney holiday WALL-E & EVE ornament

wall-e and eve hanging christmas ornatments

If you know someone with a desk or shelf lined with action figures and plushies, this WALL-E and EVE ornament featuring the lovable duo hanging Christmas lights together will bring a smile every Christmas. (Amazon, $39)

64. Star Wars Han Solo and Princess Leia bathroom hand towels

han and leia bath towels

Only true Star Wars fans will recall the classic improvised moment from The Empire Strikes Back, immortalized on these Star Wars bath towels, when Princess Leia first professes her love for Han Solo just as he is about to be frozen in carbonite by Darth Vader. (ThinkGeek, $20)

65. Movie film reel wine rack

movie film reel wine rack

This is an amazing gift for people who like a little vino during their movies. They’ll be able to store up to six bottles of their vintage wine in these handmade wine racks made from two antique 35 millimeter film reels. (Etsy, $92)

66. Movie quote mug

movie quote mug

Have movie quoters as friends or in the family? Let them display their cinephile habit proudly with this movie quote mug. (Shop PBS, $13)

67. Harry Potter house logo shot glasses (set of 4)

harry potter house shot glasses

Are you Gryffindor,Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff? Not sure? You and the Harry Potter fan in your life will have a blast sorting each other into the correct house with these Harry Potter house logo shot glasses. (Etsy, $24)

68. Apple TV

apple tv

Know someone with a Mac, iPhone or iPad? Me too. An Apple TV allows users to play movies from any computer or device on a large flat screen TV and stream digital media from iTunes, Netflix, HBO GO, Crackle and more. (Apple Store, $99)

69. Theater-style popcorn maker

theater-style popcorn maker

What movie night would be complete without popcorn? This theater-style popcorn maker makes about 8 cups of popcorn in just four minutes. (Sharper Image, $99)

70. Godzilla feet plush slippers

gozilla slippers

Does your significant other have monster feet? Or would you like him to? Keep those monster toesies warm with these Godzilla feet plush slippers and try to stay out of the power lines. (Amazon, $32)

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