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100 Awesome gifts under $100

Gifts for the alcohol connoisseur

51. High West Campfire Whiskey

high west campfire whiskey

High West Campfire Whiskey is a blend of bourbon, rye and peated single-malt Scotch and is finished in Hungarian and French oak barrels, lending it a smooth, creamy finish with hints of honey, vanilla, soft mint and berries. (K&L Wine Merchants, $54)

52. Jeni’s whiskey ice cream

jenni's whiskey ice cream

Speaking of whiskey, how ’bout some ice cream? Get it in your choice of Whiskey Eggnog or Whiskey & Pecans. (Jeni’s, $12)

53. Guinness 1759 beer

This special version of Guinness is named for the year Sir Arthur Guinness signed the lease for St. James’ Gate in Dublin, where the beer is manufactured to this day. It’s a special blend of the now infamous Guinness yeast, beer malt and peated whiskey malt. (ReserveBar, $35) 

 54. Grey Goose VX vodka

grey goose vx

Blended with a hint of cognac, Grey Goose VX vodka is distinctive, with the quality and beautiful bottle you’ve come to expect from one of the world’s foremost vodka brands. (Budget Bottle, $95)

55. Bau Da Ngoc Ha Vietnam rice whiskey

vietnamese rice whiskey

This Vietnamese whiskey is made from boiled rice and comes in a beautiful black enamel pot. (JR Unique Foods, $9)

56. Pisco Portón

pisco patron

Shopping for a serious citrus lover? Pisco Portón is right up her alley. A Peruvian spirit, its flavor has been called edgy and complex. (D&M, $35)

57. Stoneware growler

stoneware growler

This half-gallon growler allows home brewers to cart their libation creations from the tap to the table with ease. (UncommonGoods, $65)

58. Handmade oak barrel

handmade oak barrel

Speaking of home brewing, these handmade oak barrels are perfect for people to age their own liquor, wine and beer. (Etsy, $50)

59. Himalayan salt tequila glasses

himalayan salt tequila shot glasses

Serious enthusiasts like salt with their tequila, too. It’s just that all that licking seems uncouth. These Himalayan salt tequila glasses let them skip that step. (UncommonGoods, $30-$45)

60. Luxardo maraschino cherries

luxardo cherries

Connoisseurs don’t despise girly drinks, but when they come with one of those sickeningly sweet cherries… ew. Luxardo maraschino cherries from Italy are a whole different breed. (KegWorks, $17)

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