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100 Awesome gifts under $100

Gifts for the foodie

31. Cast iron pizza pan

cast-iron pizza pan

This cast iron pizza pan isn’t sexy, but it’s the only pizza stone your gastro junkie will ever need. While the instructions say it can only take up to 400 degrees F, that’s just to protect the seasoning. But for a foodie, seasoning a cast iron is Zen. (Amazon, $39)

32. Endless edge brownie pan

endless edge brownie pan

Brownie lovers know that the best brownies are the ones on the outside edge. Give your pals the gift of all-edge brownies anytime they like with this unique brownie pan. (Amazon, $36)

33. Metrokane Rabbit electric cocktail mixer

electric cocktail mixer

Cocktail shakers work just fine, but they don’t look nearly as cool as this electric cocktail mixer. Your amateur (or professional) mixologist will impress friends at every cocktail party by showing off the fun tornado-like action while making her signature drinks. (Amazon, $18)

34. BBQ Bruce handrail (and wall-mountable) grill

barbecue bruce handrail girll

Whether your grill-master pal lives in an apartment or just needs a small grill in the kitchen, this grill attaches to the handrail of a balcony/patio or mounts to the wall so she can always have fresh-from-the-grill flavor. (Connox, $74) 

35. Adjustable measuring cup

adjustable measuring cup

This is a great gift for a foodie who prefers a more practical present. It may not seem glamorous, but it’s one of my favorite go-to measuring cups because of the variety of measurement marks (pints, cups, ounces and millimeters). (Amazon, $11)

36. Cake-pop maker

cake pop maker

Cake pops started as the “it” thing to get in pastry shops, but now they’re easy to make at home with this cake pop-making appliance. Your baking buddy will be churning out beautiful cake pops for parties, bake sales and gifts in no time. (Amazon, $30)

37. Titanium straws

titanium straw

Rumor has it Beyoncé has these little babies on her concert rider. And I know why. Titanium straws aren’t just eco-friendly. Your drinks actually feel colder as you drink them. (Amazon, $20 for a pack of four)

38. SodaStream Source Starter Kit


With fresh sparkling water at her finger tips, your foodie can use the SodaStream to experiment with different flavors and develop her own signature soda. (SodaStream, $99)

39. Himalayan rectangle salt platter

Harvested as large boulders from an ancient Himalayan mountain range, these salt platters are considered by many to be the purest salt in the world. Heated, Himalayan salt platters are perfect for searing quick cooking meat and vegetables. Chilled, they also make a great way to serve sushi, cheese, fruit and desserts. (SaltWorks, $59)

40. Premium Modernist Cooking Made Easy kit

molecular gastronomy kit

Kappa carrageenan and agar agar sure sound like characters from a bad sci-fi series, but they might be indispensable very soon to the foodie in your life thanks to this molecular gastronomy kit. (Modernist Pantry, $99)

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