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100 Awesome gifts under $100

Gifts for pet lovers

11. Pet hoodies

pet hoodies

These completely adorable pet hoodies aren’t just cute, they’re practical. Even people who abjectly refuse to doll up their four-legged friends have to admit you need to keep your cuddle bunnies warm this time of year. (Amazon, $10)

12. Glow-in-the-dark pet gear

Know pet owners who like to take their fur babies out at night? Whether they need glow-in-the-dark safety equipment or playthings, hook them up with something from Leerburg. (Leerburg, prices vary)

13. DJ cat scratching pad

dj cat scratching pad

DJ Kit10 is about to drop some sick bass on the cat lover in your life. While her furry friend throws down a dope set on its new scratching pad, it’ll also be sharpening its claws and stretching its muscles for its next gig — with DeadMau5. (Uncommon Goods, $35)

14. BarkBox gift card


Don’t know what to get the dog lover in your life? Gift her a few BarkBoxes! Every month BarkBox will send four or more carefully selected presents her dog will love. Plus a portion of each box goes to helping other dogs in need. (BarkBox, $72)

15. Dyson Groom Tool

dyson grooming tool

There’s no way a dog is going to love a gift that has 364 claw-like bristles and attaches to a vacuum cleaner, but its owner sure will. The Dyson Groom Tool is a self-cleaning grooming tool that removes loose hair and allergens from a dog otherwise determined to shed its hair in every nook and cranny of your home. (BestBuy, $70)

16. Happy Trails dog bone leash holder

dog bone-shaped leash holder

These handmade dog bone-shaped leash holders form HappyTrailsThrift are cut from solid Arizona pine with two sturdy hooks for heavy leashes. Available in six popular colors and varying degrees of distress. (Etsy, $25)

17. No-clean aquarium

no-clean aquarium

Have a friend who thinks she’s too busy for a pet? This no-clean aquarium doesn’t require any cleaning, filtering or electricity — just plain physics. (Uncommon Goods, $70)

18. Black-cat stockings

black cat stockings

One thing is certain — these are not dowdy cat sweaters. These stylish black-cat stockings will definitely make any cat lover the center of attention. (Amazon, $8)

19. Cat crib

cat crib

Have a friend who lives in a room full of unsightly cat furniture? The cat crib may be the perfect solution! Help your friend eliminate the cat clutter and surprise her guests with a frenzied surprise attack from below. (Cat Crib, $29)

20. Assorted colors dog play balls gift bucket

bucket of dog tennis balls

What dog owner wouldn’t love to have a whole bucket of multicolored premium dog tennis balls for her sporty pal? Don’t think that labels don’t matter down at the dog park. (Harry Barker, $32)

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