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100 Awesome gifts under $100

Some people are impossible to shop for. Everything you know they’d love is just so expensive. Relax. We have 100 gift ideas they’ll truly love for less than $100.

Gifts for your geek

1. Han Solo in Carbonite rug

han solo in carbonite rug

Your fave nerd girl or guy will worship the ground you walk on (literally) when he or she rips into this Han Solo in carbonite rug. (ThinkGeek, $50-$70)

2. Solio sun-powered charger

solio sun-powered charger

When you’re a technophile, nothing sucks more than losing charge halfway through your day in the sun (yes, some of us do spend time in the sun — not me, I’ve just heard). This solar-powered iPhone and Android phone charger will come to the rescue using your existing USB charger. (Photojojo, $70)

3. Star Wars-themed vehicle sun reflector

star wars sun reflector

Just because you can’t afford to buy your friend a spot on the Virgin civilian space shuttle doesn’t mean you can’t make sure she’s traveling in interstellar style. This Star Wars-themed sun reflector makes it appear that your vehicle is transporting everyone’s favorite rag-tag bunch of rebels. (Amazon, $11)

4. Mario Bros. question block lamp

mario brothers question block lamp

Give your gamer the ability to power up IRL with this Mario Bros.-themed lamp that lights up when you tap (or lightly punch) the bottom. Get it alone for the ceiling or with a stand. (8-Bit Lit, $59-$79)

5. Hand-painted nerd-themed bras

star trek bra

These artfully hand-painted nerd-themed bras are a fun way for a fangirl to keep her favorite obsessions close to her heart. (Etsy, starts at $30)

6. Tetris Link

tetris link

This fun game combines the strategies of Tetris and Connect Four for a fun way to pass the time on a rainy day or while waiting in line at the Apple Store. (Amazon, $25)

7. Harry Potter wearable blanket

harry potter wearable blanket

Let your favorite muggle snuggle up with this Harry Potter school robe wearable blanket. (Amazon, $19)

8. Touch screen texting gloves

touch screen texting gloves

I have no idea how these bad boys are only $2 (just ordered a pair for myself). It doesn’t matter, though — to your gadget junkie, these touch screen texting gloves, which work using specially designed conductive materials on the fingertips, will be priceless. (Amazon, $2)

9. Pixel hand mouse

pixel hand mouse

Ah, the good ol’ days. Your computer-conscious friends will likely disagree when it comes to Wi-Fi capabilities and syncing smartphones, but that doesn’t mean they won’t love navigating their way around a modern computer with this mouse that looks like the old pixelated pointer on computers of yore. (Amazon, $20) 

10. Firefly Kaylee-inspired messenger bag
firefly kaylee messenger bag

Do you know someone who needs a place to stash a spare shop rag when she isn’t repairing the hardest-working vehicle in the ‘verse? Even if she just needs to stash her lipstick and a tampon or two, she’ll adore this messenger bag inspired by every geek’s favorite adorable grease monkey. (ThinkGeek, $20)

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