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‘Vagina facial’ trend a major insult to women

As if women don’t have enough things to worry about in terms of the way we look, we are now faced with the ultimate indignity. The vagina facial, ladies. Yes. The “vagina facial.” And it’s coming to a salon near you (assuming it takes off in New York City).

The “vajaycial,” as dubbed by the New York Post, is a scrub and cleaning of the pores and skin that surround a woman’s nether regions. The vagina facial is not necessarily a new concept, but in recent days, it has gained steam thanks to the famous J Sisters, waxers to the stars, who made a name for themselves with the Brazilian wax. They operate a salon in Manhattan.

This treatment, known as “Gommage Therapy,” is described as: “a facial type thing for the area ‘down there,’ and helps deal with cosmetic issues including ingrown hairs.” “Gommage” is a form of facial exfoliation that is not typically used on women’s nether regions.

As a woman, I am horrified on so many levels. First, is there any part of us that is sacred? Between “vajazzling” and plastic surgery for our vulva, it’s really kind of overwhelming how many parts of us can be “ugly.” Isn’t it possible for a woman to just feel good about herself? Or is it just our lot that every part of us is up for scrutiny?

I am all for beauty treatments if they make us feel good. By all means, enjoy a pedicure or manicure or a massage. All of these treatments serve a higher purpose than just “beauty.” They help us feel polished and relaxed. They allow us to feel better about ourselves and enjoy our lives a bit more. But a vajaycial? What purpose does that serve? Does it improve our sex life? Maybe. But it seems unlikely.

I’ve never in my life heard of a man who is lucky enough to get in that general region with a woman who then complains about it being ugly. “Gee, thanks for the opportunity to get between your legs, but I think I am going to pass on this experience since you are just not pretty enough there.”

Get serious. This is just another way to get women to spend their money unnecessarily. Personally, I have no interest in beautifying an area of my body I can’t see anyway. Keep it clean, by all means. But the buck stops there. To imply that we need to do anything more is just insulting.

Look, I am a busy mom of three. When I want to get a beauty treatment, you’d better believe there has to be something in it for me to see or enjoy. This? Sounds painful. My vagina has been through enough after three kids. I think I’ll sit this trend out.

Would you get a vaginal facial?

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