38 Clever gifts you'll want to put on your own wish list

Dec 3, 2014 at 8:00 a.m. ET

Ever shopped for the person who has everything? We bet they don't have these clever gifts — and we bet you'll want them, too.

For your discerning girlfriends

1. Motivational pillow. This pillow speaks the truth. (All Modern, $32)


2. Male tears mug. We can drink to that! (Zazzle, $15)

male tears

3. Rock on ring holder. Behind every refined woman is a total rocker chick — or at least a disembodied rocker hand for storing rings, obvi. (Urban Outfitters, $19)

rocker chick

4. Sriracha cookbook. The jury is in, and everyone loves sriracha — especially your hipster girlfriends. (Amazon, $11)


5. Illusion wine rack. Because girls deserve funky-awesome wine racks, too. (Bonanza, $42)

wine rack

6. A wise hoodie. We love a hoodie that makes a good point, like this punchy version. (Redbubble, $49)


For the man who is impossible to shop for

7. F-bomb paperweight. Maybe this paperweight will send the message that he has the mouth of a dirty sailor. (ThisIsWhyImBroke, $45)


8. Portable bonfire. Men and fire are a match made in heaven — particularly when the fire is portable and comparatively safe. (Plow & Hearth, $30)


9. Beer sign. This vintage-style beer sign has "man cave" written all over it. (Home Wet Bar, $12)


10. Beard pack. Just in case the facial hair extends beyond November. (Uncommon Goods, $40)


11. Spotter home sensor. Your tech-loving guy will love this little device, which can sense and alert about everything in your home — from temperature to sound and even motion. (Quirky, $50)


12. Camping hammock. This hammock will beat an air mattress any day, even if it falls from the trees in the middle of the night. (Kammock, $99)


13. Bacon soap. Men love bacon; you can't go wrong. (Amazon, $14)


14. Heated shaving cream dispenser. I know how much I hate cold shaving cream while shaving my own beard, so this only makes sense. (The Sharper Image, $40)

shaving cream

15. Pocket multi tool. Your guy definitely needs this 12-in-one tool that easily fits in his pocket, with barely a risk of serious laceration. Just kidding, it's not dangerous. (The Grommet, $20)

pocket tool

16. Compact key holder. Keys are a sucky necessity of life, but this key holder makes them less sucky. (The Grommet, $20)


For a persnickety teen or tween

17. T-Rex writing pen. Your too-cool tween will turn into a little kid again with this cute dinosaur pen. (CoolStuffExpress, $12)


18. Braids, buns and twists book. Every teen and tween girl needs to know how to up-do. (Modcloth, $20)


19. Smartphone dock. This rotary-style dock is, like, totally retro! (Nordstrom, $48)


20. Scratch Map USA. Invite your aspiring traveler to show off his or her adventures with this scratch-off map. (Scratch Map, $20)


21. F this test. In this book, "F" stands for "fail." It's like Buzzfeed in book format, for a good laugh. (Gifts.com, $9)


For your buddy who is kinda weird

22. Pepperoni bedding. What lovable oddball wouldn't want a pizza-themed bed? (Emotional Rainbow, $60)


23. Cow mailbox. This is how eccentric people receive mail, obviously. (Decorative Mailboxes, $143)


24. LEGO man ice cubes. Whimsical LEGO ice cubes make the perfect gift, for kids or kids at heart. (Amazon, $5)


25. Cat lover magnets. For those times when your friend needs to compose a cat ballad on her fridge. (Off the Wagon Shop, $13)

cat ballad

26. Game of Thrones wall decal. Turn your porcelain throne into a throne of wicked power. (Etsy, $26)

game of thrones

27. Ladies stretching bookends. A little sexy, a little studious — what more could a person want? (All Modern, $31)


28. Mason jar shot glasses. Show me anything, and I'll show it to you better in the form of a Mason jar. Exhibit A: These Mason jar shot glasses. (Perpetual Kid, $12)

mason jar

29. Living wall art. Every hipster loves wall art and succulents. Fact. (Uncommon Goods, $100)

wall art

For that person you don't actually know very well

30. One line a day journal. This gift appears so thoughtful and life-affirming, but it's really just a compilation of blank papers. One size fits all. (Gifts.com, $16)


31. Never-soggy cereal bowls. Soggy cereal is the bane of every human's existence. Stop it with these bowls. (Bed Bath & Beyond, $13) 


32. Taco truck holders. Everyone loves tacos. Everyone loves food trucks. Everyone loves tacos served on miniature food trucks. (Perpetual Kid, $13)

taco truck

33. Himalaya spice rack. Tiny mountains and spices collide in these whimsical spice holders. (Bonanza, $29)

34. Touchscreen cleaner. The cover of everyone's smartphone is disgusting, so you know this clever cleaner will be a hit. (The Grommet, $20)


35. Kernel-filtering popcorn bowl. A necessity for any popcorn enthusiast, or adult with young, popcorn-loving children. (Uncommon Goods, $75)


36. Self-stirring mug. Ugh, it's just so cumbersome to mix sugar into coffee before drinking morning caffeine. (Think Geek, $19)


37. Touchscreen gloves. Finally, someone figured out how to give us access to our phones, despite cold weather. (REI, $26)


38. Air plants. These plants grow in the air. They are magnificent. (Amazon, $13 for 5)


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