3 Simple ways to winterize candles with candy stripes

Bring a touch of whimsy and fun to your home decor this season with this easy and temporary DIY project — candy cane candles.

Candy canes are a wonderful reason to love the chilly days of November and December and their classic designs are fun and cheery, to boot. So why not bring that very design into your home decor this season? This DIY project is so easy — and completely removable — so you can change it as often as you’d like.


  • Candles of your choice — preferably battery-operated, since it would be hard/impossible to actually light some of these candles once they’re decorated
  • Scissors
  • Red/striped ribbon, washi tape or red electrical tape, your choice


For the first candle I used a battery-operated one and a red and white striped washi tape. Start at the top or bottom, leaving a bit leftover so you can cut to the exact shape of the candle.

Wrap the tape around the candle diagonally, crop at the other end then repeat this one more time, eyeballing the space between the two pieces of tape. This is completely removable, so you’ll have no issues fixing it if it’s not to your liking.

The washi tape sticks to the wax surprisingly well and yet leaves no marks or residue when you peel off. You can leave the bottom uncut and just stick it down. No need to be fancy here.

OK, you’re done with this one. Next, grab another battery-operated candle and a few more supplies — red and white paper straws, double-sided tape and ribbons.

Start with the double-sided tape. Place a strip in the middle and top of the candle. If you want to avoid some frustration, maybe add one to the bottom of your candle, too.

Now you’re ready to start placing your straws on the candle. As painful as it may seem, place them on one at a time. Otherwise you may get gaps in between straws, which will be harder to fix when you’re finished.

When you get all of the straws on, tie a ribbon (or two) around the candle. This serves two purposes — decoration and making sure your straws don’t all fall off. You’re finished!

Sleeping dog completely optional…

Now you could call it a day at this point, but I really wanted to use that electrical tape. So grab that and two taper candles and start with a strip of tape at the top of the candle. No need to be perfect — this is your ‘measuring’ tape to make sure the stripes are evenly spaced. The next strip will stay on, so make sure it’s straight and there are no bubbles. Remove that first strip and place it under the last one. Leave it on for now and place a third strip beneath that. Make sure the ends all line up so that you can hide them later.

That’s it! Repeat on one or more candles, and you’re all set.

Add some of the leftover straws for an added punch of stripes next to your candles. Aren’t they fun?

Remember that when you need a change, all of these designs are completely removable — even the electrical tape.

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