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Moms confess Thanksgiving preferences in this revealing survey

We asked readers how they’re feeling about Thanksgiving this year, and some of the results surprised us. Although you’re overwhelmingly thankful, you’re still stressed out, and about one-third of our readers are hosting around 12 people for Thanksgiving dinner. Whew! That’s a whole lot of cooking and cleaning.

Those details and more were reported by SheKnows readers who participated in our Mom’s Talk Turkey survey, which asked a whole range (turkey pun!) of questions about how you and your family celebrate the holiday. Here are some other interesting details you shared.

Moms Talk Turkey Thanksgiving poll

Some answers were surprising, like that the single food most of our respondents (35 percent) are looking forward to eating first and foremost is the stuffing, which, incidentally, is the preferred term over dressing by a margin of 4 out of 5 women. Here are a few other interesting tidbits you shared about your Thanksgiving preferences.

  • An overwhelming 95 percent of you celebrate Thanksgiving.
  • You are turkey traditionalists at heart, with 86 percent of respondents saying they like the classic roast turkey. Seventy-two percent of you were not interested in having anything to do with a tofu turkey.
  • More than half (64 percent) think leftovers are better than Thanksgiving.
  • And an unsurprising 59 percent of you say family holidays are stressful. We feel you there.

Other questions, like “Who carves the turkey?” and “Do you have football family traditions?” also produced some interesting results. Those and more are smartly illustrated in the infographic.

Thanks to all our moms on the front lines of Thanksgiving who took time to participate in our survey.

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