Deck your halls with these 14 DIY holiday garlands

Deck your halls (and your walls, your mantel and more) with these DIY garlands that are as fun to make as they are to display.

1. Paper circles garland

Photo credit: Useful Beautiful Home

Craft-challenged ladies, this paper circle garland is for you. If you can use a hole punch and a stick of glue, you can make this happen.

2. Felt strip garland

Photo credit: My Blessed Life

This retro felt garland takes some time to complete, but it’s pretty simple to do. If you can tie a knot, you can create this shaggy masterpiece. Change the colors and lengths of felt to make it your own.

3. Wrapping paper chain garland

Photo credit: Caught on a Whim

Finally, something to do with all those wrapping paper scraps! Plus, this wrapping paper chain garland is just about as simple as it gets, ladies. We’re talking first grade art class skills here.

4. Felt garland

Photo credit: Jenna Thompson for Paper and Stitch

This garland from Paper and Stitch is very pretty, but not as simple to make as it looks. Simplify the process by using pre-made pom-poms.

5. Christmas light garland

Photo credit: The Proper Pinwheel

This easy Christmas light garland is a snap to make, and it won’t make your electric bill skyrocket like a real lighted garland.

6. Merry Christmas garland

Photo credit: Vicky Barone

Display any holiday message you like with this versatile banner-style garland.

7. Lighted Christmas garland

Photo credit: Life After Laundry

Lights over the mantle are gorgeous, but a lone strand of lights just leaves something to be desired. Dress up the wire with simple scraps of fabric and end up with this pretty lighted garland.

8. Twisted felt garland

Photo credit: The Purl Bee

You’re going to need some time and serious patience to make this garland happen, but we think it’s totally worth it if your project turns out as gorgeous as this.

9. Paper snowflake garland

Photo credit: How About Orange

Remember those paper snowflakes you used to make back in elementary school? It’s time to see if you’ve still got those skills — and we’re guessing you do.

10. Snowball garland

Photo credit: White House Black Shutters

Do you have cotton balls, a needle and some thread? If so, you can create this easy winter wonderland-themed garland.

11. Orange peel garland

Photo credit: Sesame Seed Designs

Not only does this orange peel garland give you a new use for something you probably usually trash, but it’s simple and it will leave your house smelling awesome.

12. Ornament garland

Photo credit: Creative Outlets of a Thrifty Minded Momma

You’ve seen these giant garlands at the store, but they’re never even close to cheap. Make your own ornament garland for next to nothing, using your ornament castoffs from Christmases past.

13. Bowtie pasta garland

Photo credit: The Gold Jellybean

This is a great one to do with the kids. You dye the pasta, and then let them apply the glitter. When you’re done, you’ll have a sparkly holiday garland masterpiece that’s perfect for the season.

14. Paper holly garland

Photo credit: Library of Thoughts

You can easily create this construction paper holly garland with items you have on hand.

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