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Here is a fluffy white puppy driving a toy car… you’re welcome (VIDEO)

Auf Wiedersehen, kids! We’re off to Germany to find this puppy and make him our own.


“Beep, beep! Comin’ through.” For those of you not familiar with the language of 7-week-old Samoyed puppies, just trust us when we tell you that’s what this one is saying. Sure, he seems to be driving backward, but that’s a minor thing he can correct before he takes his driving test. No biggie.

His relatives in the background seem perplexed — perhaps already keen to label him the (very white) black sheep of the family — and altogether quite confused about what he’s doing. Quite frankly, we don’t care what he’s doing. It’s super-cute, and we’ve already hit up the car dealership to get him a BMW. Because if he looks this good behind the wheel of fine, plastic craftsmanship, just imagine how good he’s going to look behind the wheel of some real, German craftsmanship.

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