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7 Christmas decor ideas that are beautifully understated

We all have that friend. The one that goes crazy overboard with decor every Christmas. You can see her house lit up from two blocks away, and that’s before she turns on the outside stuff.

If that just isn’t your style…

Photo credit: masmad/Flickr

… take a hint from these gorgeous rooms and keep it classy with subtle seasonal decor.

Oversized ornaments hanging from exposed rafters bring just the right amount of Christmas red into the room, and mix beautifully with the red decor in the Christmas tree. Aside from those touches, the room seems untouched, yet it still radiates with the holiday spirit.

It’s amazing what just one ornament hanging from pine branches can do. That simple bouquet and some holiday garland on top of the cabinets (where it’s pretty, but not in the way) are all you need to bring Christmas into this neutral kitchen.

We admit, there’s a lot of Christmas cheer happening in this room. The fact that it’s all shades of white, though, makes it much less overwhelming. We’re loving this winter wonderland look.

Just a few winter floral pieces are all it takes to make this room feel a lot like Christmas.

This minimalist decor with hints of red turns a comfy sitting room into a cozy place to celebrate the season. Instead of the tree being the focal point here, the simple white letters on the doors draw your eye.

There’s nothing wrong with having a big piece of decor, as long it’s the only piece of decor. This giant garland hanging from the mantle definitely makes a statement, but it’s the only Christmas piece in the room, and it blends in well with existing decor.

This stunning tree is breathtaking. The understated room and lack of other decor makes sure it gets to be the star of the show.

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