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The one Christmas craft you have to make before the end of November

Use a variety of card stock and patterned paper to make your own envelopes for this inspirational Advent calendar. Slip words of excitement and inspiration into the envelopes when finished and read one each day starting Dec. 1.

DIY Advent calendar: Supplies


  • Card stock and patterned paper
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Numbered stickers
  • Double-sided sticky tape or glue
  • Mini clothes pins
  • 1 regular envelope (or more if you want to have different sizes in your project)
  • Stamps or holiday stickers to dress up envelopes as desired


Step 1.

DIY Advent calendar: Step 1

Disassemble an envelope and lay it on a piece of paper. Trace around the envelope.

Step 2.

DIY Advent calendar: Step 2

Cut out the trace of the envelope and start to fold at the corner tabs like the original envelope was folded.

Step 3.

DIY Advent calendar: Step 3

Fold the 2 sides of the envelope in and the bottom up over the 2 sides. Use glue or double-sided sticky tape (the latter will be quicker) to attach the bottom flap to the 2 side flaps.

Step 4.

DIY Advent calendar: Step 4

Make 25 envelopes for the 25 days of Advent in various sizes and patterns.

DIY Advent calendar: Step 4

Dress up the envelopes using stamps, pieces of washi tape, cutouts or holiday stickers to add a little extra to your envelopes.

DIY Advent calendar: Step 4

We used some premade envelopes mixed with our own handmade ones.

Step 5.

DIY Advent calendar: Step 5

Once your envelopes are complete, tie up twine and use the mini clothes pins to attach them to the twine. When you have them in the order that you would like, number each envelope 1-25 with the stickers. Gather your inspirational print outs and stick one in each envelope. Open one each day starting Dec. 1 to get in the holiday spirit and count down the days until Christmas.

DIY Advent calendar: Step 5

Quotes, song lyrics, mini cartoons, photos, riddles and memories of past holiday gatherings are just a few examples of fun things to print out and stick inside the envelopes.

DIY Advent calendar: Step 5

Happy celebrating and let the countdown begin!

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