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Ferguson decision sends Twitter into a wild spiral

For more than three months, the city of Ferguson, Missouri, has been a veritable police state within the center of America. The violence and unrest has ebbed and flowed in the weeks that followed. With a decision made, is there an end in sight? Not by the looks of Twitter.

A grand jury was formed and has deliberated for months over whether Officer Darren Wilson should be indicted for the shots that killed Ferguson teen, Michael Brown. Now, the verdict is in: Wilson will not be indicted.

As rumors of a decision began bubbling to the surface early this afternoon, social media has been blowing up with promises of protests, civil disobedience and challenges to the city and state police. Even as the rumors started, many businesses began boarding up ahead of the announcement, concerned about more violence and looting, no matter what decision was made.

Meanwhile, protesters and live tweeters on the scene began sending threats of what was to come in Ferguson and beyond.
Now, they have their answer: Officer Wilson will not be charged for the murder of 19-year-old Brown. What happens in Ferguson now lies in the hands of the protestors and law enforcement officers on the ground. Brown’s family asked for peace and respect of the decision prior to the announcement. Tweets rolling through on a continual basis suggest it’s more likely things could get a lot worse before they get better.

What’s next for Ferguson? The coming hours, days and weeks could not only potentially set a new tone for racial relations in Ferguson, but in cities across the nation.

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