This Pug’s impression of a car engine is bound to make you laugh (VIDEO)

This 3-year-old French Pug named Dosh could make some serious cash on the vehicle impressions circuit.


We’re not sure if we should be more impressed by the actual sound this Pug is making or how rapidly and consistently he is able to move his tongue. Shouldn’t he be dehydrated by now? Or exhausted? Or overworked?

We’ve been at work for all of about five minutes and we’re already in need of a nap and a trip to the proverbial watercooler, but this dog just keeps on plugging (pugging?) away. Perhaps this whole diesel thing is rubbing off on the Pug because he seems to be getting a lot of mileage out of this impersonation.

And might we say, Dosh, we love the statement you’re making with that peach towel adorning your head. Very avant-garde.

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