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Watching dogs get massages for the first time is oddly relaxing (VIDEO)

As if we needed another example of how dogs have it way better than we do.


Um, where do we acquire a dog suit so we can trick Pam Holt into relaxing us with her soothing touch and dulcet, slow tones? This woman takes her role as a dog masseuse seriously, and we seriously want to be one of those dogs.

Is this half-glazed look they’re all sporting what dogs would look like if they’d had way too much to drink? They look so relaxed and peaceful that we’re pretty sure each of these dogs is now running a meditation seminar every Wednesday for the foreseeable future.

Something else we learned from the video: Pesto is a great name for a dog. Kudos to your basil-loving owner, Pesto! And we particularly appreciate that Pesto lived up to his nutty namesake when he started getting in the way. #PestoNeedsHisOwnShow

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