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Dress your Thanksgiving table with these charming gourd vases

Chelsea Mohrman

Gourds are a great way to get your table ready for fall or that big Thanksgiving dinner! Take your gourds a step further and turn them into vases to hold a few bright and pretty fall florals!


DIY gourd vases: Supplies

  • Medium- to large-size gourds
  • Large and small knives
  • Spoon
  • Small shot glasses
  • Spray paint (optional if you would like to add some color to your finished gourds)
  • Flowers
  • Floral scissors


Step 1

DIY gourd vases: Step 1

Start by cutting off the top of your gourd with a medium- to large-sized kitchen knife.

Step 2

DIY gourd vases: Step 2

Using the smaller kitchen knife, cut a hole just slightly larger than your shot glass at the top of the gourd to expose the inside.

Step 3

DIY gourd vases: Step 3

Next remove the insides of the gourd with the spoon like you would with a pumpkin before you carve it. Make sure to scoop out all the seeds and innards so that there is enough room for your shot glass.

Step 4

DIY gourd vases: Step 4

Repeat steps #1-3 for the rest of your gourds. Clean off the outsides with a damp cloth if needed after carving.

Step 5

DIY gourd vases: Step 5

Insert your shot glasses into the gourds. If you need any more room, carve out more space as needed to accommodate the glasses.

Step 6

DIY gourd vases: Step 6

Fill up your shot glasses with water and arrange your flowers. Start with taller florals for the center and fill in with shorter cut florals around the outside. Mums in varying sizes, carnations or spray roses make great florals for this project. Add in greenery like eucalyptus or ornamental kale for more color and texture. Arrange into a full bouquet that fits snuggly in the shot glass and overflows it a bit to cover the rims.

DIY gourd vases finished 1

If desired, take out the vases and add a coat of spray paint to the gourds in various bright colors that go with your fall decor or Thanksgiving table setting. Or leave the gourds their natural colors as we did here.

DIY gourd vases finished 2

Once your florals have been arranged, your project is finished! Use these gourds for a table centerpiece, on a buffet or side board to dress up a holiday display or around the house on side tables or coffee tables to add a touch of autumn to your decor!

DIY gourd vases finished 3

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