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15 Pet GIFs for when you just can’t deal this holiday season

It’s the most wonderful (and most stressful) time of the year! Your calendar is filling up with holiday parties. Your present list is growing. Your in-laws are calling. How’s a person to survive it all? Don’t worry, these animals have got you covered.

1. Stock up on Tylenol PM


2. And Tums

guinea pig

3. Remember: You can never have too much toilet paper


4. Or too many toothbrushes

parrot toothbrush

5. Embrace the stretchy waistline


6. Flaunt that ugly sweater

ugly sweater

7. Don’t be afraid to go for the prepackaged food

puppy eating

8. Indulge in all the treats


9. Like, really indulge

kitty eating watermelon

10. Invest in a pair of good slipper shoes


11. Set limits with friends and relatives

kitty and dog

12. Say, maybe no more than three days at one relative’s home?


13. Really practice and perfect your “uncomfortable small-talk situation face”

cat bag

14. There you go, you’ve got it


15. Above all, remember… it’s just the holidays, don’t take it too seriously

pandas on a slide

(But also know the number for poison control, just in case)

poison cat

All images via Imgur

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