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26 Quirky apps for people who are crazy about cats

Since we know you love all things cat, we’ve rounded up 26 amazing cat apps that will make your day easier, happier and more fun.

1. Weather Whiskers

Weather Whiskers Cat App

Even if the weather isn’t perfect, you can still get the most purrfect weather updates with this cat weather app. Featuring an accurate four-day furrcast and a variety of kitty-cats, you’ll know exactly what clothes to wear and how to prepare your furry pawed-and-clawed pal. (iTunes, Free)

2. 365 Cats and Affirmations

Cat calendar app

Start every day on a positive note with this cat calendar app that gives you daily affirmations and heartwarming feline imagery. You can even share uplifting messages with your friends. (Google Play, $1)

3. Kitten Calculator Plus

Cat calculator app

Not only is this cat-lover app the cutest smartphone calculator around, it is also a kitten-centric game. Do your math or play the Knitten’ Kitten to see how many balls of yarn your mini feline can catch. (iTunes, Free)

4. Tom’s Messenger

Cat messenger app

Do you have a message for someone you just can’t seem to say in person? Let Talking Tom (or five other cat characters) do the talking for you. Simply use this cat messenger app to record a short video, then send it or share it on Facebook or Twitter for others to see. (iTunes, Free)

5. Talking Angela

Talking Angela cat app

You’ll never be alone with this talking cat app, featuring a princess (ahem, diva) feline named Angela. Join her in Paris, chat with her, buy her presents and dress her up. You can even make facial gestures at her to see her reaction. While you’re at it, she’ll test your knowledge with trivia quizzes. (iTunes, Free)

6. Big Cat Race

Big cat fitness app

Are you a fitness fiend who is into lions, leopards and cheetahs? Perhaps you’re not a fitness fiend and think running should only be done when being chased by wild cats. Regardless, this interactive fitness cat app puts you in a race against a big cat and even lets you see a video of your run against the wild animal to keep you motivated to do better next time. This is a great app for kids! (Google Play, $1)

7. Fabulous Cat Clock

Cat clock app

If you’re tired of the old digital clock widget on your phone, download this cat clock app that displays a clock formed with cats. You’ll get warm fuzzies every time you have to check the time. As a fun bonus the app has an optional hourly chime, and while the app is running you’ll also be visited by “curious cats” that may just meow at you. (iTunes, $2)

8. Advent Calendar Christmas Cats

Advent cat calendar app

Build the excitement of Christmas with an advent cat calendar app for every day leading up to the fun and festive holiday. Just scroll around the warm and cozy Christmas scene to find the door of the day, then open it up to a cute kitty. You and your kids will love it. (Google Play, Free)

9. Purrfect Cat Pro — The Ultimate Breed Guide to Perfect Cats

Cat breed app

Are you far more than a cat lover and consider yourself a feline fancier? This cat breed app will give you the deets on more than 90 popular and rare cat breeds. You’ll get hi-res photos and information on breed history, appearance, temperament, intelligence, grooming needs and more. (iTunes, $2)

10. The Cat’s Purr

Cat's purr app

Whether you’re always on the go and miss your furry friend’s purring or you’re in the hospital recovering from an injury, this cat simulating app gives you heart-calming purrs at your fingertips. There’s no question that a cat’s purr brings a sense of peace, and there is research suggesting it can even help with the healing process. (Google Play, Free)

11. iKnow Cats

Cat breed app

If you’re thinking of expanding into a multi-pet household or you’re looking to expand your love of cats into actually adopting a cat, this cat-lover app will ask you questions to help you find the best furry friend for your home. It also features a Guess the Cat Breed Quiz for the cat connoisseurs who can test their vast knowledge of different cat breeds. (iTunes, $3)

12. Human-to-Cat Translator

Cat translator app

Cats are notorious for selective hearing, but you can call your cat’s bluff by translating your own voice into meows so it has no excuse for ignoring you. This cat translator app features feline voices, cat calls and actual analysis of your own voice. Sure to catch your cat’s attention, the app also includes bird sounds, mouse sounds, purrs and angry cat calls. (Google Play, Free)

13. Animoti-Cats

Cat messenger app

If you want to send animated kitty text messages to your friends, download the Animoti-Cats messenger app. Choose from hundreds of cats that will make you and your friends LOL. (iTunes, $1)

14. Cat Person

Cat quote app

For the cat lover who loves quotes about kitties, this cat app gives you a new furry-friend quote every time you tap your screen or shake your phone. Our favorite quote: “Blessed are those who love cats, for they shall never be lonely.” You can even add your own cat quotes. (iTunes, Free)

15. I Love Cats

Cat magazine app

Who needs Glamour or Self magazines when you can scroll through the I Love Cats magazine app? The meow magazine comes out quarterly and includes vet advice, feline nutrition recommendations, personal kitty stories and sponsored contests. Within the app you can subscribe to the magazine as well as get archived issues. (iTunes, Free)

16. Grumpy Cat: Unimpressed

Grump Cat app

What is a roundup of cat apps without a Grumpy Cat app? Grumpy Cat: Unimpressed is an official Grumpy Cat game featuring the feline’s biting insults and hilarious memes as well as meows, hairballs and laser pointers to make the Grump angry. (Google Play, Free)

17. LOLCats

LOL Cat app

Need a laugh? Better yet, need a cat laugh? The LOLCats app features thousands of funny cat pictures and lets you save your favorite cats to a photo album. (iTunes, Free)

18. Yoga Retreat

Yoga app with a cat

Photo credit: Yoga Retreat Game via Facebook

Yoga Retreat is a yoga-themed mobile simulation game that lets you manage, expand and customize your very own yoga resort. You get to learn and perform new poses and sequences while challenging others to do the same. If you want some kitty help, Yoga Cat will come to your rescue. (iTunes, Free)

19. Cat Sound Ringtones

Cat ringtone app

This ringtone app is the cat’s meow. Literally. Featuring over 30 kitty sounds, from meows to wails, you can have a different feline ring every day of the month. (Google Play, Free)

20. Cat Pics

Cat pictures app

Searching for a cat-lover community that can relate to all things feline? Download the Cat Pics app and join other cat lovers who want to share the kitty love. Upload and share photos of your pawed pet while meeting and following other cat lovers and commenting on their uploads. (iTunes, Free)

21. SimpleCatApp

Cat app

Are you so hooked on cats that you want to keep one in your pocket? Forgo the pocket-sized stuffed cat and get an interactive cat app instead. The SimpleCatApp lets you pet a cat of your choice to make it purr and purr. One wrong stroke, however, and your happy cat will flip. (iTunes, Free)

22. Icon Changer

Cat app

Transform your smartphone screen into a gallery of kitty-cats. This cat app lets you change the icons for your apps into cute little kitties. (Google Play, Free)

23. Cat Chorus

Cat music app

As you prepare for the holiday season, don’t forget to celebrate with some “pawliday” music. This musical cat app features an extensive list of festive tunes sung by 13 choral cats, as well as a feature that lets you record your own kitty in song. (iTunes, $2)

24. WordSearch for Cat Lovers

Cat word search app

If you consider yourself a cat pedantic, this cat word search app is for you. Each puzzle features a randomly arranged list of cat breeds recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association. (iTunes, $1)

25. Silly Cat Live Wallpaper

Silly cat wallpaper app

We all know that cats are curious little creatures, but did you know that your smartphone cat is curious about you, too? Download this live wallpaper app, and you’ll welcome a silly little cat that tracks your every move. (Google Play, Free)

26. 2048 Cat Deluxe

Cat game app

More of a number-minded cat lover? This tricky cat app is a tile-based puzzle game where you have to join identical kitty number tiles to reach 2048 (with the option of reaching 4096 or 8192). While you’re at it, enjoy the images of cats in different smile-evoking poses. (iTunes, $1)

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