6 Things in your trash can you can use to seed your garden

Starting flowers and veggies from seed is the best way to get more for your money. Raid your recycle bin to get everything you need to start seeds for your garden.

I am all about reusing what I have in order to save money. Reusing my recyclables and items destined for the compost are not off limits in my quest to get the most out of my money. Plus, I like to do my part for Mother Earth as well. These seed starting hacks are the ultimate in reduce, reuse and recycle!

Orange peels

Image: My Roman Apartment

Well, hopefully you won’t have citrus peels in your recycle bin, but they are probably in your compost. Before you toss them to the worms, hold on to the peels to use as a pot. Eat an orange and start your next batch of herbs. Bonus: You can plant the orange peel and all in your garden when it’s time. The worms will still get their share.

Toilet paper rolls

Image: Kedoll Made

You have to buy toilet paper, so you might as well save all the toilet paper rolls. The paper rolls will make perfect sized, biodegradable pots for your plants. Collect the rolls all winter and you will be ready to go when it’s seed starting time.


Image: Garden Therapy

Your Sunday paper is more useful than just for the coupons. Make newspaper pots with the non-glossy newsprint. You can get a handy paper pot maker or use a soup can to help form the paper pots. Here’s a video from Greensideup that shows you how to make newspaper pots with a pot maker tool:

Soda bottles

Image: The Lovely Greens

Make simple and cheap cloches with empty soda and water bottles. When your seedlings first emerge, they need consistent moisture and warmth. A cloche will provide a toasty and moist environment for your baby plants until they get bigger.

Egg shells

Image: {HOME-OLOGY} modern vintage

After you make your morning omelet, don’t toss the shells. Egg shells are another awesome, biodegradable container to use as a seed pot. Plus, egg shells are a great soil enhancer.

Lettuce/take out containers

Image: That Bloomin Garden

The next time you order Chinese take out or pick up salad greens, hold onto the container. These make perfect mini greenhouses to put your newspaper pots or peat pots in. The plastic domes will keep the seedlings warm and moist until they are ready to be hardened off.

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