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Americans try foreign English accents with hilarious results (VIDEO)

BuzzFeed had a bunch of Americans unwittingly speaking in foreign English accents by being smart about what they asked them to say.


The best thing about this video is how pleased all of its participants are with themselves when they realize they’re… we don’t want to say “nailing” foreign English accents because that would be misleading, so we’ll say they’re sounding more than vaguely how they would if they were British or Australian (except for “mobile phone” — that one seemed a little less convincing than the others). They’re laughing up a storm, and it’s pretty cute.

If these guys ever need some razor blades Down Under (yes, we know that doesn’t sound good) or they’re desperate to blame any car crash they’re involved in on Michael Caine, they’re set!

But, guys, the big question is this: Did this group of jolly accent samplers look sexier with an Australian accent?

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