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Things only girls with thick hair understand (VIDEO)

Thick-haired people of the world, this video feels your pain and so do we. At least, we would be able to feel it, if all of this hair wasn’t in the way.


If you have thick hair, then there is no doubt people are always complimenting, and envying, you for your luscious, and often out-of-control hair. What these people don’t understand is that, sometimes, having thick hair is less of a blessing, and more of a heat-generating cross we have to bear.

Our hair is so big that it’s quite often in a different zip code from the rest of our body. Not to mention, by the time we’ve left the hairdresser, it’s already due for another cut, and if a crime is committed anywhere we’ve ever been, we’ll be a prime suspect because we can’t go anywhere without leaving a strand or two (or 43) behind. On the plus side, who needs a weather app when the size of our hair is a barometer in itself? Better have an umbrella handy, because our current frizz levels suggest it’s going to rain.

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