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Awesome apps for the not-so-tech-savvy (bonus: they’re all free)

I look to free apps that are practical and easy to use when managing most of my daily life happenings.


t I am a fan of old-school music and pen and paper. But, when it comes to managing some of my daily activities like taking and sharing pictures, exercising, organizing my thoughts and budgeting my monthly allowance, I look to apps. Free, practical, and easy to use apps. Sure, there are benefits to doing things the old-school way, but I say if there is an app for it, why not let it do the work for me.

t Here are a few of my favorite practical apps that are perfect for the less tech-savvy.



t Why wait for your friend to text you that cute picture you took days ago. Instead, take a picture and launch FotoSwipe. This cool picture-sharing app lets you swipe up to 10 photos at a time without the hassle of emailing and texting. It’s very simple to use and only requires three steps to share photos. Just make sure your friends have FotoSwipe downloaded on their phone and swipe away. Photos can be shared between Apple and Android devices.



t I used to want one of those expensive bracelets that many of my friends have. Instead, I did some research and stumbled upon Moves. Whether you keep your phone in your hand (like me), in your purse or in your pocket, Moves will track your daily physical activity. This app monitors steps, calories burned, distance and duration. If you go from walking to running, no need to make any changes, Moves does it automatically. There is something appealing about an app that is always on, that does not require a battery, and that requires few to no clicks.



t I am a lover of stickys and have them everywhere in my office. Unfortunately stickys don’t work well when I’m out and about or when I am in a meeting with a client. So, I use Evernote to create my to-do list, store account passwords and to record client notes and my random thoughts. Although the app is not new, it’s very easy to use and organizes notes (typed or recorded) in a way that can be adjusted for your preference. Also with Evernote, you can access the same information stored on your app on your computer.


Good Budget

t Based on the envelope budgeting method, Good Budget is very easy to use and does not require any banking information. Instead, launch the app and create envelopes (monthly expenses with designated amounts). As long as it’s kept current, Good Budget will manage and track your expenses in a way that is easy to see and understand. Your Good Budget account can be accessed through the app and by computer.

t Money, organization, picture sharing and physical fitness, there is an app for it all. Find the one that is simple, easy to use and you will manage just fine.

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