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11 Things we want back from the ’90s

Remember when it was cool to wear overalls and grungy flannel while carrying an oh-so-tiny backpack? The ’90s are over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be nostalgic about those days gone by. Here are 11 things we still miss from that awesome decade.

1. MTV’s House of Style

Of course looking back on the style highlighted in the show makes us cringe now, but we still miss it.

house of style GIF

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2. Dial-up internet

There was something almost comforting about logging on and waiting for that horrible screeching noise to end.


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3. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Sure, we still have Will Smith but he’s no longer the goofy kid from the show. In fact, now his kids are making names for themselves. We feel old.

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4. Tamagotchi

Whoever thought a pocket-sized digital pet would take off? And yet now we miss the days when we had to remember to feed it.

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5. Being obsessed with Titanic

Admit it, you were one of those fans who saw it in the theater more than once and listened to the song over and over again. That’s OK, we did too.

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6. Every single show on Nickelodeon

You could leave your TV on that channel all day long on the weekend and never get bored. Ah, the good old days.

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7. Mini backpacks

They were so tiny but so very cool. They were pretty useful, too. Ever get annoyed walking around the mall all day with a purse on your shoulder? At least a mini backpack was more comfortable.

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8. The Spice Girls

Looking back, it’s a tad embarrassing (OK, a lot embarrassing) to admit how much we loved them.

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9. The Furby

He was just so darn cute, how could you not fall in love with this little guy? Some of us even had more than one.

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10. Massive cell phones

Remember when a cell phone flipped open and you had to pull out an antenna to get any reception? How did we ever survive?

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11. Nicolas Cage’s hair in Con Air

It was magnificent and we loved the way it flowed in the breeze. Don’t judge us.

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