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10 cute ways cats make retail therapy even better

Everyone needs a pick-me-up from time-to-time. Retail therapy can help. Spending time with your beloved feline can work wonders, too. Imagine the uplifting benefits of combining the two! Get your cat involved with your next shopping trip for a real adventure.

1. Review style reports for the latest trends. This cat wisely recommends the black-and-white fashion picks:

2. Dress for the weather. You can’t enjoy the shopping experience if you’re too hot or two cold.

3. Do some browsing first — you never know what else might be out there…

 …just make sure your cat understands that window shopping does not mean this:

4. Choose shops that welcome cats. Who wouldn’t want to frequent this music store?

5. Remember to try before you buy. “Yes, I do believe this velvety chair will suffice.”

6. Keep in mind that shopping carts are not made for cats, and make adjustments accordingly.

7. Cats enjoy shopping for all sorts of things: Oreos…

… peanuts…

… even jewelry in Istanbul!

8. When you get home, you can model your new fashions for your shopping partner…

… but your feline friend may be too tired to care.

9. If your kitty cat is more of a homebody, perhaps she prefers to do her shopping online:

10. And remember — No matter what you buy or where you buy it, it’s really all about the shopping bag:

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