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Quick home projects you can tackle before company arrives for Christmas

The holidays are here and you have friends and family coming to stay. Don’t panic about your guest room, bathroom or kitchen. Spruce them up with some quick mini home improvement projects.

Here’s a roundup of some easy, fast fixes to make your home more guest friendly.


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1. Shower makeover: A crusty shower head and mildewy shower curtain is a sure shower time turn off. Give your rain locker a good going over and replace the shower curtain, liner and the shower head if you see any signs of yuck. A new shower caddy is an inviting place for your guest’s shampoo and other personal products. Now that your shower is renewed, you may want to update your faucets. Just make sure you match your other bathroom metallics and coordinate the look.

2. Hooks and shelving: As a guest you know it sucks when you have nowhere to set down your stuff when you take a shower. Putting your PJs on the toilet seat or pushing aside the soap, lotion and other things to make room is often the only option. Clear clutter and install some extra hooks, shelving and towel racks in the bathroom for happy visitors. Add a small basket with extra soaps and travel-sized products for a finishing touch.

3. Inviting colors: If you have time, paint or wallpaper a bathroom accent wall in warm inviting colors. If you don’t have time for that, try installing new cabinet handles and get new color coordinated towels, rugs, window coverings and accessories. Refreshed accent colors in bright or deep colors will give your bathroom a whole new look.

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4. Mirrors and lighting: Adding a nice large mirror and good lighting options allows your visitor to feel welcome to do her hair or makeup in her room if she wants to. Dimmer switches on key room lights give your visitors control of the brightness and mood in their room.

5. Open storage: Pretty storage boxes and large woven baskets are great for guest rooms so friends can temporarily stash shoes, laundry bags and other items to stay organized. They also give you a place to stash clutter and make sure there is plenty of space on dresser tops and bedside tables. If you want to go even bigger, there are easy DIY kits for shelving and cabinets available.

6. Power source: Guests are going to want to charge their phones, tablets and possibly other rechargeable small electronics. Make sure the power outlets can be reached. To make it really nice for them, have a power strip or two in convenient spots already plugged in and ready for them to charge up.

7. Ceiling fans: If your guest room has no ceiling fan, consider adding one. Visitors will likely sleep with the door closed which can make the room feel stuffy. A fan will not only circulate the air for more comfort but will also save you money on air conditioning on mild weather days.


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8. Lighting: If your kitchen lighting has gotten drab, it’s easy to give it a bright, fresh look with a new lighting fixture. Most can be installed now with little hassle. You will need to turn off the power at the breaker box, connect the wires on your new light and hang with new hardware if needed.

9. Cabinet handles: Simply updating the hardware on your kitchen cabinets can create a customized look that shows your unique style. Many varieties are ready to purchase at your local hardware store and there are loads of cabinet handles and pulls available online with little risk of not getting what you see. Super easy to install.

10. Backsplash: For a slightly bigger project, you can add a backsplash if you don’t have one, or redo your existing one. Ceramic and glass tile are current favs. Once you do that, you might want to consider replacing appliances like your fridge or dishwasher, especially if they are pre-1993. New energy-efficient models will save you money in the long run.

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