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Dog teaches a baby to jump, makes our hearts jump for joy (VIDEO)

It looks like an old dog can teach a baby new tricks. Or, you know, some derivative of what that saying is.


The jury (and by jury, we mean us) is out on whether this dog is actually trying to show the baby the jumping ropes, whether he is merely trying to get in on the fun or if he is just keen to show that baby who’s boss when it comes to the big bad world of jumping.

But who cares about the legitimacy of the dog’s intentions? When he’s jumping this high (seriously, someone get that dog into an Olympic high jump training program, stat!) and the baby is laughing this hard (is there an Olympic training program for adorable laughers?), all that matters is that we feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and we’re pretty sure it has nothing to do with that burger meal we just ate.

Now, please excuse us while we work on acquiring a dog and a swing so we can re-create this video for ourselves. We’ll obviously be playing the role of the baby.

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